Toughest females in fighting games


Now female fighters are a staple in fighting games. However the vast majority have the proportions of a sports illustrated swimsuit model rather than a fighter. You’ll notice in women’s boxing and mma, that these women are often fairly muscular (not close to males of course) and somewhat broad shouldered.

So which female fighting characters actually physically look like they could kick ass? I’ll get things started with…

Makoto. Notice the fairly broad shoulders and heavily muscled arms. She isn’t overly skinny either, but of a medium athletic build. Also, this…


Nina Williams is very tough, she always kicked her sister’s ass and is a very efficient assassin.

I remember Angela Belti from one of my favorite brands since mid nineties. Power Instinct. Her dive kick is brutal and was one of the first chars to use whip.

In KOF I have to go with Yuri, a girl who you can always note she hits hard.
Her story is inspirational for weak girls too.



3S Chun.

Dem thighs ain’t there to be sexy. That’s a thread display. I mean, have you ever heard SA2 being blocked? It sounds like a fuckin’ machine gun.


Vanessa Lewis hands down. Her mount multithrow options look brutal, especially in VF4EVO. Her win animation where she beats dat ass is too gud. She’s canonically a bodyguard for a playable character that has been in every tournament. Sega had to “lighten” her appearance cause she made Japanese men feel emasculated. And dat defensive style forward walk puts the icing on the cake. No contest.


Rachelle from DOA5U, due to her being half fiend she is incredibly powerful. Plus she is the only female heavyweight of DOA and is able to do killer moves like throwing her opponents across the stage and slamming them to the ground from off the air


The majority of female characters within KOF can be seen as tough. Honorable mentions goes to King, Mai, Yuri, Elisabeth (whom may have won the tournament in XIII), Blue Mary, Vanessa (who also won a tournament alongside K’ in 2000) hand ESPECIALLY Leona. Shermie (Orochi), Vice, and Mature may also fit in as well.





Ino in Guilty Gear. She’ll beat your ass with her guitar then play a rock n roll solo while you bleed to death.


Get at me niggas.


SF4/MVC3 - Viper
Skullgirls - Painwheel, Valentine
P4A - Elizabeth (when she is knocked down she just relaxes on the floor), Labrys, Chie (Dat Dragon Kick that is more powerful than a super)
GG - Baiken, I-No
BB - Lambda-11
AH3 - Weiss, Zenia, Kamui
SamSho - Charlotte
LB2 - Kojiroh


because she hits like a god damned grown ass man

…anyways. 3S Makoto easily.


makoto (street fighter) is probably over the toughest original character, everyone else is anime’d out or super feminine but strong and tough.

It’s one of the reason makoto is one of my favorite characters of all time in fighters.

I’ve played a good bit of fighters and I think she is the only one that breaks the mold/stereotype.


orchid looks like she’ll fuck up a guy or two.


People, I think the topic starter is not talking about empowered or mean-looking females. He’s talking about females with actually strong/athletic looking physiques. Some of the characters mentioned are the polar opposite to that.

In Street Fighter, the strongest looking female ever was Chun Li in SFA; in addition to her usual lower body she had her arms comparable to Feilong’s. Not even Makoto in SF4 reaches that level.

By the way, I made a mod for SF4 which tries to give Chun Li her old SFA physique for her third alt, if you are interested.

We also have Cammy, and in the expanded SF universe there is Black Widow from Slammasters. Maki looked reasonably strong in Final Fight 2.

Vanessa Lewis from VF4 comes to mind. It’s a pity that they had to nerf and wash her out.

Tekken is special in that many females have broad shoulders but they are not particularly strong looking, especially noticeable on Christie. I guess that they do this to make animation sharing easier among skeletons rather than being a conscious design choice. While none of them look remarkably strong, the closest are probably Julia, Nina and Asuka.

King of Fighters has Blue Mary and Leona with often athletic looks, although official weights say otherwise (the same happens with Cammy). King also may qualify because we don’t actually get to see her body. Mai looked somewhat athletic in Real Bout Special and RB2.

Rila in Breakers is quite a female Blanka, and Tia has reasonably thick limbs ingame.

Tobal has Mary Ivonskaya. Power Instinct has Angela Belti.

Liu Yungmie from Fighter’s History Dynamite is basically Chun Li with different clothes.

Females in Weaponlord looked very strong, especially Jen-Tai.

Taki from SoulCalibur also looks quite fit depending on art direction of each particular game.

Post-Hecatom Edit: lol, I forgot Mitsuko.


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Baiken from Guilty Gear is my pick :smiley:


Agreed. Baiken will cut your dick off.


Mary from Tobal.


Wait wait wait.
Are we going with would look like they would kick our asses or look like they’re actually female fighters?
Cause I’m seeing a lot that are straight up female roid’ bears or “girls we find hot and aggressive” than athletic fighters.
and Tekken and Virtua Fighter are actually pretty good for females in general.

Same goes with Blue Mary, Vanessa, Juri, Ibuki, Zenia,

Never got the obsession with Makoto though. She straight up looks like a 15 year old mainland Asian boy.
Kinda like it more when there’s a sense of rebellion and androgyny than being straight up plain.