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Do we have any answer to that issue we found with the Super doing different amounts of damage?

aint have my copy yet sadly =/ gonna investigate then. something with the scaling is simply “off”.

Noob Question: Trial No. 18 for Paul. Having a lot of trouble getting the EX Mortar Punch to connect, which is making me wary of using EX Mortar Punch at all until I figure out what i’m doing wrong. Any idea what I might be screwing up? I’m doing the combo in the corner… not sure if that’s necessary or not.

you can change the reach with lp+mp, lp+hp, mp+hp. you need to use a particular version depending on the distance.

Thanks, man. That got me through Paul’s stuff.

not sure if this would be the correct thread for this but I have a question about the properties of mortar punch. While in training mode, I noticed that the move sometimes lands behind the training dummy in certain situations. Most recently i noticed it when doing st lp x3 while moving forward, cr. mp xxx hp or ex (mp+hp) mortar punch. When blocking is off, Paul hits them and lands behind regardless of whether the dummy is crouching or standing. If autoblock is turned on however the mortar punch is blocked but Paul lands in front of the training dummy. The question I’m getting at is if anyone knows whether it is possible for mortar punch to cross up or not.



Hi there, now to Paul =) Ex Cody player :frowning:

I never played Tekken, I have no Idea how to play Paul :smiley: The combos are ok for me but I have 2 questions (for now):

[]How do i bait a (far CH) st.HP? Any frame traps?
]What should I do on when I hitconfirm on block? Does Paul have any abuseable specials? :smiley: Ex smasher is -16 on block, LP, MP is -10 on block and HP is -5 on block, am I right?

no setups known yet. I doubt there will be effective ways of doing it, seeing it’s so slow. I can think of 2 possibillities: after a far hitting j.hk and on wakeup as meaty to catch any button presser.

morta is his only safe special move (apart from ex sway). but again, it’s so slow that it can be simply s.jabed out. c.mp/c.mk xx mp morta is very easy to stop by everything. cl.hp xx lp morta however is rather more ambiguous. it’s still no block string and can still be s.jabed out, but it beats / trades c.lp masher and crouch techer and the window where it can be s.jabed out is very small, making it a semi viable mix up. (j.mk crossup, cl.hp xx lp morta is a double frame trap). it also does not combo on hit
some other things: on block it can catches backdashers and ground bounces them (registered airborn), but you can jump away. on hit you can backdash it, but it will catch any jumping attemp resulting in a ground bounce.

  1. You mean to get counter-hit property? You don’t have to bait out anything if you don’t want to, you can also charge up Phoenix Smasher to the EX level and dash cancel it. Then you just have to use it during footsies and pray to the judo gods that it hits.
  2. Either go for a grab or do Mortar Punch. According to the guide, it’s +3 on block, and it moves Paul forward, so I think (assuming the frame data is true) Paul may end up having a pretty decent pressure game if he has a move that not only moves him closer but is also + on block and hits overhead. If they start mashing buttons and/or blocking high I guess you could just take a tiny step forward and put out another low poke (like cr.MK) or something.

I’m a Cody player at heart. When this game came out Paul seemed like a good fit. Played him back in Tekken just fine. Now that I’m done with that, I have one question. How do you get in with Paul? His footsies feel really sluggish. I’m fairly new to frame date. I just found the giant page of information in this forum. Getting inside with Paul and keeping solid pressure that doesn’t get shoryuken spammed is annoying.

As Paul is my tag parter I’m putting a lot of effort him and hope to help the community in the coming months with new techniques, combos and what not. I have a couple ways of how I like to maintain pressure and keep Paul in my opponents face during battle, of course with the game being so new these could be useless in the future or new ways become known but ultimately I hope what i’m about to write helps in some way.

Getting Paul in can actually be very hard especially if your opponent is playing a defensive game. There are a few ways Paul can sneak his way in to enemy territory and unleash his skills and allow everyone to witness “THE BEST FIGHTER IN THE UNIVERSE” and these can be:

  1. Using your partner to push your opponent into the corner and switch cancel on a safe move or at the end of the combo.
  2. Utilise the Motor punch after carefully placed block-strings to maintain pressure
  3. Use that crouching medium kick, it’s a seriously good poke and has very good range to. If you hit cancel into LK Raze or Pheonix Smasher.
  4. Getting pummelled by reversal shoryuken can be annoying and a part of being a good player is to analyse your opponents game. If you notice your opponent on wakeup always going for a shoryuken or spot after certain blockstrings you perform he attempts at a reversal simply bait him out, wait and block then PUNISH!

Of course the game is brand new and as with every new game it will take time for techniques and good strategies to form however using these few methods could/should help you maintain a little bit more pressure and keep Paul in their face.

Thanks for the info. Since posting I’ve been trying to use Mortar Punch to crossup and stay inside. It really helps when you Mortar Punch over a charge characters head (like Boxer) and makes them lose their charge. I rely to much on walk speed instead of focusing on using Paul’s mobile move set to get him around the fight.

Mortar Punch,
Mountain Raze.

Those 3 specials will get your where you want to be in a hurry.

is Kazuya’s wave dash completely invincible?

i cant fuckin hit that guy coming in with this shit

frame data: Upper body projectile invulnerability and crushes standing and jumping attacks frames 1-32.

did you try throwing and/or low attacks?

Game Guide says low attacks are the wave dashes weakness.

EX back dash problems? I kept wondering why I’d get a back dash instead of a DeathFist. I’m using a Hori and the stick sensors are incredibly touchy, so if anybody is having trouble with a BD instead of a DF try not holding the button down on the DF, just tap it. If you’re a tekken player you’re most likely used to holding the button down on a DF incase you need to buffer a chicken, but don’t do it! lol let it go (literally and figuratively).

What are Paul’s best moves to switch cancel into? It seems the best ones are all multi-hit but Paul does not have too much of those. Shredder kicks?