"Toughest in the Universe!" Paul Q&A Thread

yes shredder. tho the horizontal hitbox is horrendously, so you better be up close. if I just need to tag i mostly lp sway away and hard tag or do it after a smasher or after a raze in the corner.



I’ve been a Tekken Player since I picked up a controller, so naturally I find myself having a hard time getting used to SFxT; with this pretext in mind, here is my

I find myself having an exceptionally difficult time in the Paul challenges; this is probably because I’m learning a combo system that is unique to Street Fighter. What’s frustrating me is I’m pressing buttons and Paul isn’t carrying on the combo. Weird as weird can get imo because in Tekken commands dont… “drop?” unless the timing of button presses is horribly wrong.

Any and all suggestions that would aid the learning curve would be most appreciated!!!

In street fighter there is combo “links” and combo “chains.” Chains are easy, just input them as fast as possible, but links require very strict timing (I hate them).
Really, it is just a matter of timing. The general rule is, if you input the move and nothing happens during the combo, you did it too fast. If you are inputting the move and it is blocked, you did it too slow.
Here’s a good completion video of Paul’s trials, helps with the overall rhythm too since the buttons are pressed loudly.

street fighter is practically the same. if you press too early (even one frame) it doesn’t come out. too late and you don’t get the combo.

in sfxt you also have to consider using chains, in particular for trials. they are NOT marked, so you either have to guess whether or not to use chains or links. most of the time it’s obvious tho. or just watch someone doing his trials on youtube.

Is this game making anyone else really want people to play the real Tekken?
It’s doing that to me.

So Paul’s whole game is to get the opponent into the corner, and then cause havoc. I’ve actually have moderate success getting players into the corner, and even doing good damage there, but never enough. What are Paul’s best options after he knocks someone down? I never learned this aspect of the game before (it’s called an okizeme game right?), and it’d help me a lot doing more than just Demolition Man combos in the corner.

Links are easier though than just frames. WAY easier unless they are 1 frame.

This combo system is more it’s own animal with SF roots.

Combos in sf games don’t work like in Tekken where you can buffer a punch into another punch. You can do that with specials but not normal moves. There is a distinction in these games between them. You also want to either link or cancel depending on what you are doing. Chains can’t cancel into specials in SFXT and SF4. So if you do a 1-2-3 chain (kind of like a left right combo in Tekken), you’re going to have to link the next hit. This means you are going to need to wait for your last chain hit to end completely and then input the next move, and then cancel. However in this Tekken chains disobey the SF rules.

You cancel when you buffer one move into another and it cancels the other’s animation. Cmk to hadoken is an example.

Generally you want to control space. You do this with your normals and specials. It’s much more ok to jump and whiff normals as a lot of them are very safe. Whiffed normals are a big component of footsies, although they still can be severely punished, especially in a juggle game like this. You have to be smart.

The system here is unique. There are things here that have NEVER been in SF.

But if you want to get used to an sf system I suggest playing an sf game in addition to this. Sf4 is the closest here but alpha 1, CvS2, HF, and st are also very good for learning how it goes. You can go on GGPO and supercade with the older games and play matches online. Online players in old games are usualyy very good and dedicated, not like people on sf4 online or whatever.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll have a look on youtube and see what I can come up with!

@ TNB,

Thank you for such a thorough explanation!
I do own SFIV alphabet soup edition, and I’ve been working on that before I got this game. I have owned past Street Fighter titles, but never got the hang of it because, well. I didn’t know gaming forums existed. lol

I think you pointed on why I’m having such a hard time, here! Most of what I’m used to playing (MK, Soul Calibur, Tekken) buffering was mostly how I had the most success concerning combos. I’ve not been able to enjoy similar success concerning Street Fighter because of this. The timing feels a bit more strict? (if that is a good way to word it?) and so I suppose I’m going to have to work on my timing in different ways than I’m used to.

The cancelling is also going to be tough for me to transition to, but hopefully, I’ll get it.

Much appreciated, guys!

I guess there no more really good options. I really try to understand what Capcom wanted Paul to be in this game. I just don’t get it.
Two weeks ago some people (and I ^^) met on a Ranbat, like every month. Everybody said that Paul is absolutely crap in this game compared to other characters…

Low tier, huh?
Oh, well. When and if I get to a place where I can perform competently concerning SFxT, I might sweat the tier placement. Where I am right now, that’s not even a problem lol. (I’ve never been good enough at any game to where Tier placement was a real issue. I’m kind of a scrub, just without the self delusion of grandeur.)

I’m starting to get over the initial learning humps, thanks to the advice you fellows were kind enough to share.

So, now that I’m getting a little better, I might scrub it up online for some laggy and salty joyfulness! (considering prior experience with online, this might be counter-productive; we’ll see, though.) This brings to mind that I need a good team the includes Mr. Phoenix…

Who would be more complimentary with Paul’s play style? I guess this is a funny question for me because this SFxT Paul doesn’t feel very similar to Tekken Paul, of which I’m quite familiar with… ( but that might be because I’m just starting out and I’m ignorant).

The obvious choice, imo, would be Bruce Wannalee; I’ve seen some interesting setups concerning specials where Law would lay the opponent out with punches and would grant Paul a free Burning Fist…

Honestly, though. I’m really lazy and I don’t want to spend alot of my free time learning other characters. (You see, I’m quite a big deal. I have sex with super models and people know me. I’m also lying.)
When it comes to my extremely limited SF experience, I’m most familiar with Ken and Ryu. Would either of them be a good team member with the Paul-man?

If not, I can suck it up and learn a more compatable character. I just don’t waaannnuuuh.

consult the team synergy thread for some opinions on that matter.
to keep it short: IMO is paul a 2nd slot charcter almost exlusively and works best with zoner characters like dhalsim, sagat, guile, ryu etc. semi-zoner/footsie chars like raven, chun and rolento etc work too. You want a first character that resorts to cross rush combos to deal damage or has a good switch cancel opportunity so you can bring paul in. that kinda limits the chars more (ryu has a crappier cross rush for instance and raven does enough damage on his own eg).

law for that matter doesn’t fit well as he is “covers” the same area of effectivness as paul does.

I played tekken since the first game, maining paul ever since. stopped playing after having some time with tekken 6 and seeing how shitty it has become. played other beat em ups every now and then too (mostly GG, SF, DoA, BR etc), but picked up SF4 as new main game afterwards. And I can assure you as well, Paul plays nothing like in tekken.

according to a japanese tier list he is the second worst character. I think judgement can’t be made yet, but it’s clear that he doesn’t play in top league. he just misses too much in comparision to other characters.

Any tips against Claw? I got beat by someone who only did wall claw (d/u punch). Block stun is soooooooo long on it and it was stuffing every thing I tried.

blockstun? cross cancel!
you could try nj.hp as well or backjump j.mp.

I think people should stop using the “Japanese tier list” as an indicator of a character’s worth… as it was made by a random Japanese person. That being said, it’s clear Paul isn’t a top-tier character, but at the same time, putting in some work with him uncovers a decent amount of hidden potential.

Anyway, since this game does not have assists (so there’s nothing to augment your offense) there are really only two major factors in team creation. 1) Meter (building/using), 2) Combo potential. While it is true that Paul has a hard time running people down, giving him a teammate that CAN run people down doesn’t fix the fact that 50% of your team still has trouble running people down. That will not change. So really, it’s about how well they work together with Meter (who builds it, who uses it most effectively), and how their combos flow together.

With these two things in mind, Law actually makes a fantastic partner for Paul on point. Law c.MP/MK > QCF+MP, c.HP -> QCB+HK is one of the best starter combos to tag cancel into Paul. Not only does it build HUGE meter, it lifts the opponent into perfect range for Paul to come in with j.HK, c.HP > Deathfist (or whatever variant you choose). In the corner, he gets a bit more. The reason this combo works so well for Paul is because of the way his j.HK hits. Most characters don’t have the same angle that Paul has on his j.HK and can’t reliably start the tag-in combo with j.HK outside of the corner.

When Law is in, the main goal should be finding a way to hit c.MP/c.MK > QCF+MP so you can bring in Paul with the aforementioned combo. With Paul in, your options are a bit more limited for tag canceling. Typically, hit-confirming into Boost/Launch works well if you simply want to bring Law back in, otherwise, it’s smarter to just hit-confirm into a regular combo or an EX Deathfist combo.

Let Law build the meter, let Paul spend it.

I fought you on your team the other night, you were teamed up with someone else playing Law. I stole some of your stuff =). I really don’t think Paul is as terrible as everyone thinks he is, but I feel like he has some matchups that are near unwinnable. Granted I’m not a top level player and also, I wouldn’t be playing Paul on point like I have been while trying to learn him, but against Juri, Guile and a specific Vega / Claw I’ve come up against, I feel like I can’t even push a button ever. I know you can alpha counter and tag out, but still, those feel like impossible matchups. I need to play around with reversal lp sway more I guess.

Oh, I was probably playing with Ryan Hunter. He just started playing Law. I told him I was interested in playing Law as well and so we teamed up so he could show me a few things. Pretty fun team overall. I’ve been trying to stream some of my matches when I play Paul but with the stream going, and online in general, I always end up with 2-5 frames of lag. Makes stuff really hard.

However, I was thinking of just recording some matches and showing some highlights. That isn’t to say I’m any kind of top Paul player or anything. He’s just a character I like to play. I can also show the blowups where I get owned by stand LP over and over cause I have no reversal =(. LOL.

s.lp? free. paul can do NOTHING. against a good raven it’s a nightmare. dat mu feels like hawk vs blanka.

Would be awesome if you streamed, I learned a few things playing you. 2 things you did to me that worked well, and being a Paul player I should’ve known better, it’s just crazy how long the block stun on mortar punch feels like on the receiving end lol. Blocked Mortar punch -> stand jab to magic series launcher for damage was a nice hit confirm / frame trap. Also, you were lp swaying on my block strings, ie, I jump in link into cr. strong you would reversal lp sway. I guess that would only work on cr punches I might have been able to punish that if I had been doing cr. MK.

I’m definitely curious about Law, but hesitant to learn him, I’m planning on dropping Guile and picking up a new partner. My only worry about Law is I kind of feel like he doesn’t bring anything better to the table that Kazuya doesn’t bring. Kaz has easier time getting in on most people with mist step (except maybe Sagat and Juri with low projectiles). Kaz has better meterless damage if you can master EWGF, and he has good tag option specials also. Kaz generally has stronger anti-air normals and better frame advantage on normals it seems also.

The more I play Paul, the less I actually wish he had added. Originally I thought “man he sucks, he needs this, and that, and this too”, but sometimes I find myself thinking “if only Paul had a backdash as good as Law’s”. Damn you, LP!