"Toughest in the Universe!" Paul Q&A Thread

I’d settle just for shredder hitting crouching opponents and letting you tag cancel followup combo on alpha counter, maybe by turning the counter into shredder launcher animation.

What can Paul do in terms of reversals, I understand EX-Sway has some invincible frames, but is that when he goes back or when he lunges forward?

P-link LK Razer ~ cr.MK is a good method, just try it.

Hey guys, i have a question about the frame data, what means “strike invulnerable” about Sway please?

is phoenix smasher similar to rose’ soul spiral(from sf4), in which it is safer when done at a distance?
- because i know it’s a -10 on blk but i seem to have trouble punishing it with vega’s cr.mp…so just wondering if this is the case.

hp version is -5. and yes, if it hits meaty it gets safer of course. however, unlike rose, paul will lunge forward and then the active frames begin, so unless you’re walking into it or getting hit on wake up it’s rather impossible to hit meaty on your own, just due to distance. the look is deceiving tho, you still have a 2-frame window where you should be able to punish him - just get used to the timing.

-5 on HP version…that doesn’t say in the frame data, but that’s awesome. thanks

Yeah I was also wondering where u got that information ?
I just thought that HP phoenix smasher, gave a huge pushback making it semi-safe. Not that it was -5 instead of -10…

testing. that it has other framedata was obvious just from seeing.

the official guide has so many errors and missing information it’s not even funny. check the paul-frame-data pic in the combo thread. should be accurate.

Does Paul have any command dash cancels?

only c.hp xx CADC as anti air has somewhat of an use. his normals are too slow and his dash sucks too majorly to make anything else worthwhile.

What he says in the Burning Fist move?

mansenryuuouken OSU!

I’m sad that the english VA doesn’t shout the japanese shoutout. More boss then Akuma doing his Raging Demon.

Maybe Street11 can help you out what he is saying exactly.


Basically he’s shouting out “Burrning Fiiiiiist!”

Wouldn’t it be cool if he would shout “PAAAAAUL PHOENIX!” for all his specials? xD


hahahah dat name xD "10.000 Divine Fists of the Dragon King"

What are some good simple oki setups after smasher in the corner?

As for midscreen smasher, is the best thing still to mk raze and meaty from there, or is there a safe jump?

Corner knockdown? EX Sway!

Midscreen HK/MK Raze or jump forward, stuff seems to be the only real options.