Toughest match/matcups?

Was wondering what character Gen will have the toughest time with. I haven’t played many Dhalsims and this guy basically slaughtered me with him.

If I try a will dive behind, he’ll teleport out.

Blanka seems like another tough one.

I’ve been playing many Akumas /kens/ryus and Sagats and i do real well against them.

As of now…

Everything you can do, he can do better.

Great “guessing game” offense, while dealing heavy damage.

need explain?

Have to be real precise when playing him, you have really think hard when playing him.

Completely agree with B_izm. I haven’t even played much online but those stick out bad. About Blanka…what should i do to electricity or blocked ball when i don’t have a super/ultra?

Anyone else finding Boxer matches to be alot easier than expected?

Gen’s PPP stance is awesome here. s.MK and s.MP stuffs alot of Boxer’s attacks. s.HP stuffs his ex.Punches.

Wow man this is very similar to my experience as well. I’d add Dhalsim and Gouken there as well. I have a VERY difficult time getting in on either of them if my opponent has half a brain. Good shotos (mainly Ryu) give me problems as well.

Against most those guys you listed I just turtle my ass off. IMHO Abel is the easiest out of your list because his anti air isn’t that great, but his grabs fucking hurt. Plus I dont think Gen has a reversal (outside of super/ultra) to beat Abel’s throws on wakeup. I’ve tried everything from DP+K, to handslap. The only other option is EX walldive.

Blanka is a pain in the ass as well. Again I just turtle my ass off. Stand on the other side of the screen and spam fierce handslap since they beat the ball (props to Yeb for posting that). He’ll be forced to come close eventually, and you want to make him approach you instead of the other way around. Once you get super or ultra you can start punishing the ball on block. However this is still a match where you need to play stupidly safe and defensively IMHO.

Sagat is pure rape. Great pokes. Can zone with fireballs. Great anti air to ultra. He has no weakness…seriously. A defensive Sagat is my worst match by far.

Yea sagat gives everyone a hardtime.
The only problem I really have is againist blankas and el fuerte.

Fuertes wake up mind games really fuck with me.

He knocks me down and does his cross up splash and nails it.

I try and block the splash he does the grab.

I go and duck under the grab he splashes me again.

I try and block the splash he does the sweep.

It got me soo pissed that I use el fuerte now lol. I played like 2 nasty fuerte players and god damn once I got knocked down I was fucked cuz they were nasty with that mix up…

I use fuerte and a lot of people quit the match because his wake up game is nasty and annoying lol

Blanka I get countered when I try doing my dive kicks cuz as soon as I do them blanka ball its really annoying as well.

Wow… the bad matchup list keeps getting longer. Before you know it, Gen will be weak against everyone, including Gen.

Against El Fuerte’s wake up game is simple.

FADC. the only thing he can do is the grab. When you cancel the FA dash towards him, even if he is behind you, You will be able to counter hit before he can block.

E.Honda , Zangief and Sagat are very difficult for me to fight against.

Fuertes mind games can give anyone a bad time. I think his waterfall kick helps.

Try wall diving out maybe? It works sometimes with me.

you’re right about Sagat. Gens pokes have some range but his tiger knee has such priority and is so damaging.

blanka and sagat seem to be my worst match ups, blanka especially. I like to play an agressive, cross up heavy gen but you just can’t do that against blanka. Vega seems to give me alot of touble as well.

As hard as Sagat or Zangief are, a good Gouken is much harder than any of them. He can keep you permenantly grounded, prevent all cross up attempts and pretty much dictate the pace of the fight. Against him it ends up being another “who can throw the most” snoozefests and once he has an ultra you better pray he doesn’t get his throw off first. I need to play against some really good Sagat’s I think, because while it hurts getting hit with even an uppercut, I can honestly say I don’t lose to him.

Haha, wow. That was so obvious, but I would either block or jump over them. Does this work reliably against his dashing EX sweep?

dhalsim and fuerte are def the only ones I really have a lot of trouble with. For blanka I stay mostly in crane, j.hp/oga stuffs most of his balls and for electricity you can do deep crossup with medium kick, celing dive on him or mantis sweeps work well. Zangief is pretty easy too, just boring to fight, run away like mad, if hes greenhanding to get to you do a heavy roll then jump away, when you reach the edge wall dive to other side. Also most zangiefs love to lariat, if they are like this do a couple celing dives on him and run away. Also if zangief is jumping at ya do your crane If you can manage not to get stuck in a corner this should be an easy fight.

Im going to say everybody and ofcourse I strech that because it depends on the player person you play. A Ryu Player A maybe not be as good as Ryu Player B you know. Player aside…Gen as the actual character, not you, is weak against everybody in my opinion.

Blanka irks me

I haven’t posted in years but here’s a matchup that I can use some help with.

Blanka has gotta be the toughest match for me. I believe he has better pokes than Gen. Blanka’s d+hp slide and d+hp, d+hk are all good to keep gen away.

An aggressive Blanka can also jump in with relative ease if you do not anticipate it with a waterfall kick or meet him in air to air. The waterfall kick is not as reliable for AA as it was in Alpha3 and seems to trade a lot if done on reaction to a jump in. In Crane style, the down+roundhouse is a good AA but his pokes are not as good as mantis style.

Also Blanka’s electricity nullifies or trades with most (if not all) besides d+lk or d+mk, which have slow recovery and bad range. The electricity also nullifies any crossups that Gen might want to perform in both crane/mantis styles, which I believe, is a major part of Gen’s offense. It is too bad they took out Gen’s air kick super that he had in Alpha 3. It would have been a good move to trade with Blanka’s electricity.

Blanka can also roll or tack on a rolling ball after a jump in for free provided Gen does not have a super in stock. His d+hk and d+hp are also good zoning pokes against gen especially when Gen is in crane style.

Blanka’s ex-backstep rolling arc move is also a pain in the arse. I believe waterfall kick normally trades with this move.

So what are some effective strategies against Blanka?

In this match up, I find myself waiting for Blanka to attack first before I go in for jump in + slap for chip damage.

If you time it right M.SMK or HP can beat Blankas strait roll. Thats about it.

Focus the rainbow ball. You can hold out to lvl2 or 3, but it’s safest to dash wherever he lands and punish from there.

WTF kick has to be done earlier than most dps, but I believe it’s his best AA option hands down with the exception of crouching fierce at certain far range jump ins.

You can actually punish blocked blanka balls with dash up > mantis standing forward. I usually try to baseball them from about full screen though.

Against electricity, if you don’t feel safe attacking just dash back and if he’s still doing it mantis crouching roundhouse is free.

Blanka’s slide is really unsafe and his crouching fierce has a crap load of recovery.

For me it’s Sagat, Ryu (w/ mean mix-up games mostly), Blanka, and Cammy.

Yes its great against EX armor attacks and in general i find s.HP to be godly against Boxer.

  • It only has 5 start-up frames followed by 8 active frames
  • Its a quick 2-hit (first part absorbs opponents EX armor, 2nd part hits them)
  • The first part of s.HP hits crouching punch pokes. That takes care of alot of Boxers moves.
  • You can poke into slide-method Hyakurenko. The Hyaku won’t come out if you whiff.

:rofl: super late reply :rofl:

Sim has been kicking my ass lately, theres really no safe way to get near a good sim without taking a ton of damage in the process. :frowning:

If you get a health lead then just turtle the fuck outta him. IMHO you have the play the match from either extreme–either right up in his face and/or aaaaaalllllllll the way across the screen (after you get the health lead). The hardest part is getting the health lead obviously, but once you start sitting a full screen away there isn’t much he can do from that far. Just stand there and be ready to counter when he TPs. Everything falls apart at mid screen though lol. I’m still trying to figure out if there is any way around his b+hk anti air. That shit beats everything. Crane j.hp seems to stuff his j.hp pretty consistently.