Touhou 12.3 Unthinkable Natural Law

Heeeey. Ok so this is a fighting game based on the Touhou series with an all girl cast. Many of you probably wont know what Touhou is. This is the description taken from the Touhou Wiki.

"The Touhou Project is a series of 2D (with 3D background) vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice, with three fighting game spinoffs co-produced with Tasogare Frontier. They are similar to regular shooting games, but focus more on weaving through complex patterns containing anywhere from dozens to hundreds of bullets. Every game in the Touhou series is set in the fantasy land of Gensokyo, and the series is known for its huge cast of characters, well-developed storylines, and related materials such as music CDs, fan-made comics and animated videos made to the music. "

Now another company, Tasogare Frontier decided to make a fighter for this series and here it is. This is actually the 2nd Touhou fighter they have made.

Now the battle system is really unique. Gameplay involves heavy amounts of projectiles while of course stems from their curtain fire shooting games background. Opponents however are not stuck blocking projectiles the entire match, when projectiles can be GRAZED. Grazing is when you dash, air dash or fly through projectiles and will let you avoid projectiles as well as let you close in on opponents. Physical attacks of course cannot be grazed and so alot of interesting mindgames and strategies come into play.

The game also has a very interesting Super system involving Spellcards. First you will have decks of 20 cards with an assortment of Spellcards (your normal supers in fighting games), System cards (cards that can grant certain buffs, effects etc) and Skill cards(which can enhance your current specials or exchanges your current special for a new one.) So as one can see, play styles will vary extensively from player to player even if they use the same character.

Well heres some of my videos i took a while ago.




Just trying to get more people to see this awesomely fun game : P

Where do you get the game? I’ll try it out.

Go to

It should be under the Touhou section downloads.

There’s 2 games to download though. The first one is TH 10.5 called SWR (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

That’s the original game. 12.3 is more like an expansion which needs 10.5 to have all the characters (Which is quite a big difference, with 12.3 alone you get only like 9 characters, but altogether with 10.5 there’s like 20 plus i think)

You you’re having trouble just ask for help on the forums there, it’s a really nice and helpful forum!

How’s the netplay? I have a couple of friends I can try it out with.

Is it the same game as this, or another one?

No it isent. This is the newer one.

It has the same basic idea of grazing but really different game styles. IAMP is much more technical while UNL honestly is much easier to get into. UNL though i personally find it much more entertaining cause some random shit always happens that makes you go WTF : P

Netplay is built into the game under VS Network. I usually use hamachi though if you can use direct ip that would really make it smoother.

Edit: Yea UNL is a fun game but cause of the weather system it puts alot of randomness into the match. SWR was a bit more screwy with weathers that took away your melee attacks but UNL overall has a more decent weather system (though the cheap ass typhoon is still in)

Btw, should this tread be in the Fighting games dicussion thread?

Good; honestly I don’t mind technical games at all but if you look at my youtube account I play a shitload of fighters so a bit of simplicity would be better. I couldn’t ignore this game though as the match vids looked very interesting.

Haha i know right! I actually started with IAMP first cause the videos i watched really pulled me in. It was just so different and interesting that i knew i had to try it. But shortly after SWR came out and i jumped ship and get pretty good with the game.

Right now they’re working on another big patch. So we’re all hoping for maybe another character or something. Hopefully some balancing as well since some characters that were god tier in SWR got hit so bad by the nerf bat over the transfer to UNL. ( Luckily none of my mains got hit bad : P)

A friend signed up the forum (can’t see the links without being a member) and we’re still waiting for our confirmation email. After that, then we’ll start downloading and stuff.

Yea, theres way more to Touhou than just the fighting games : )

This is my boss fight against the extra boss of the latest main Touhou game. It’s really one of the easiest extra bosses : P


Okay and me and friend downloaded both games. Now how do we config for our pads and stuff? In fact, how do we even move? The screen opens and everything but I can’t interact with it =/


Well the original buttons SHOULD be.

Arrow buttons for movement.

Z for melee
X for light ranged
C for heavy ranged
A for flight
S to scroll through spellcards
D to activate spellcard

Is this what you’re asking? Btw the NEW PATCH IS OUT!
WOOT UNL 1.10!!!

This wiki might help in future.

Also you have to do this to update the roster in UNL

"You need to have SWR, as UNL is sort of an expansion off SWR

What you’ll need to do is open the configex123 file in your UNL folder and where it says [th105path], You’ll need to put in where your SWR folder is


path=C:\Games\SWR h105

Or whatever your SWR folder is (not the exe, the folder itself with all the data files etc.

I hope that makes sense "

Ok? If ya got anymore problems ill try to help you fix it : D

And the 1.10 patch is here : P

hm…I really need to catch up on those Touhou shumps. I have perfect cherry blossom but I never really sat down and played it after the week I downloaded it…

Haha so if the last one you downloaded was PCB, you missed let’s see…

4 full games : P

Uh, isn’t this just the update to SRW? It sure looks like it.

This is the Shump part of the touhou series. Nowhere near the fighting games like IaMP and SWR (and the SWR update)

Haha no. The game I was talking about was the fighting game actually. I just introduced the shump to show the background and concept for the fighter.

And yea Clear Sky, it is an expansion. Though quite a big one. 5 totally new characters, many characters got overhauls, new skillcards for all characters so that each character has 2 alternative skills for each special move, new spellcards and a whole slew of system cards and so on.

Yea yea it’s a pretty drastic expansion : P

So what about gameplay mechanics? I only found this so far:

Also, do characters have “special moves” made with “motions” like in other fighters (623+A, qcb+P, etc)?

no thanks needed, btw site’s on english

That wiki has hitboxes, frame data and in-depth analysis of everything from spell cards to combos … are they kidding me?