Touhou EXVS : Windows release out now!


This game is great. Couldn’t find a single thread about it either. It was out at C85, and it’s pretty awesome.

Some match videos


Gundam vs Gundam ?


Extreme Versus
Edit : Actually, you’re probably right. The mechanics seem to be based more around GvG instead of EXVS.


Yo this looks mad hype


So some stuff I’ve noticed from playing it.

BR>BR>BR still knocks down, although certain BRs have very limited tracking and Sakuya’s BR has zero tracking whatsoever.
BR>BZ>cc8b is pretty good with Reimu.
CSa attacks tend to have really really long charge periods and fairly slow startups.
Physics are weird and momentum is harder to keep.
Punishing landings is harder since there’s not much difference between landing recovery in overheat and little-boost-used.

Still fun. I hear netplay is bad though. Could just be that there’s no USA servers up atm.


Too much talking!

Looks pretty neat tho.


It’s pretty bad, movement is slow but even then seeing how tracking sucks and projectiles are even slower it’s balls ahrd to punish landings. Needs some tweaks.


v1.04R1 is out.
Some balance changes, some bugfixes, etc.
Only thing that I care about is the improved hitboxes on Sakuya’s BR, and her teleport nerf from 3 teleports to 2.
reimu+marisa CSa moves seem faster in general
reimu has a better super
Marisa’s step seems better now
Alice seems way more solid, A+B seems to be faster now and that’s basically her BR.
Tracking feels better overall.
Movement on Cirno feels way faster. Hopefully they up the game speed in general to match Cirno’s new movement.
90% sure they fixed the OTG super bug. in 1.03 you could hit with a super against a red knockdown’d enemy, and the whole super would connect even if they’re supposed to get yellow KD’d, treating the super like a raw one. This was extremely powerful with Marisa.

Well, it’s slow but tracking doesn’t really matter if you delay your BRs between the zunda. like, with sakuya I never mess up BR->BR->BR because I add some weird delay. if you BR right after cc your muzzle correction blows but if you delay it just a bit, it’ll hit properly. Marisa’s moves always had pretty fantastic tracking too, so you could just play her.


I am confused. is this regarded as Touhou 15 or is this a completely different game?


Even Maisa’s tracking is complete butt, I’ll check it out after this patch though.


its a fan game.


1.05R2 is out.
too lazy to translate/test.