Touhou Hisou Tensoku - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Expansion

This is the Touhou Hisou Tensoku: Chase the Enigma of the Superdreadnought Guignol thread. This game is an expansion to the PC fighter Touhou Hisouten: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. It’s a fast paced fighter with a heavy focus on adaptability, customization, pressure and freedom of movement.

If all of that sounds good to you and you don’t mind a little randomness, come check it out.

Current Version is 1.10
The 1.10 update patch is available at The SWR wiki

Important Links

The SWR wiki, where you can find any and all information about the game, as well as replays of tournament matches.

Tasofro’s Touhou 12.3 Website

Match Videos
My youtube account for netplay casual videos and some tournament videos. Check playlist ‘Hisou Tensoku Match Videos’ for the casuals, ‘Hisou Tensoku Tournament Videos’ for…well, you know.
Sibladeko’s youtube account for Hisou Tensoku match videos and other stuff.

Community #hisouten

How can I get it?
Buy online at If you don’t want to pay for it, you’re on your own.

What’s Changed From SWR?

New Characters
Sanae Kochiya
Reiuji Utsuho
Hong Meirin (China)

Gameplay Changes
-Skill cards now perform the skill on invoke, giving them tactical use. You can still opt to perform the original SWR invoke by holding a directional button before invoking them.
-System cards have been completely revamped. There are now 20- one representing each character. The original system cards are still here, but under a different name (Marisa’s Potion is the original Guard Regenerator and Tenshi’s Sword is the old Weather card).
-Everyone has new spell cards and alt. skill cards as well as gameplay tweaks galore.
-Wrongblock Pushback is gone.
-Guard Crushing is easier. Crushed Orbs last much longer.
-The new characters bring new weather with them: Calm, Diamond Dust, Yellow Sand, Rainy Season, Blazing Sun.
-Existing Weathers have been modified, mostly for the better. Spring Haze no longer disables melee, Typhoon is very brief.
-Possibly More

Is it in english?
Not yet, but it’s easy enough to navigate. Mauve (I’m assuming it’s Mauve XP. Please correct me if I’m wrong), being awesome as ever, has provided a patch that translates the weather effects; one of the more vital things to need to know in a fight. Thanks, Mauve!
Get the English Weather Patch here


X3 did you just make up a new word?

Anyway, even if it is just a patch, three new characters seems quite nice.

I don’t know anything about Sanae though.

This was commented on the SWR thread yesterday, good news.

I don’t speak english, I make english! O_O

From what I heard, Tasofro’s track record with expansions is that they generally tweak the mechanics very little and instead focus on character rebalancing. It’s likely this won’t fix anything from SWR at all in this light, but I’ll wait til I hear more before I judge. There is still the chance that Tasofro can actually hear everyone’s complaints and won’t ignore them.

Hell, if it’s a new game it may play little like SWR at all.

Aaagh, August can’t come fast enough, at this rate :.

Is this gonna be fun to play this time?

All I got to say is THEY BROUGHT MY CHINA BACK~!!

Hurray for Hong Meirin!! I’m going to enjoy this. =3

Maybe she’ll be good this time, right?

From what meager info I’ve found from the internets I found that it’s priced at 1500 yen, which is a bit much for just a demo. So most people say TasoFro is releasing a full game without a demo at C76.

Also Cirno’s outline appears on the cover. This is important because in all previous Touhou games, the Final (or EX Final) Boss is the outline. Cirno confirmed for Final Boss?

Also I expect atleast one “Icicle Fall (Easy)” joke for Cirno

I hope it’s the full game, but if it’s a demo that’s fine by me. It can be grabbed by other means then. Regardless, whenever it reaches himeyashop, I’ll be buying it for sure.

I am hoping China actually does damage worth a damn this time around. IaMP hit her with the gimp bat a little too hard.

more news coming in:

  • its being now said the game is an expansion to SWR. Only four characters are added and you still need SWR. (Guess that the fourth one is the boss?)
  • Sanae has two assist bars in addition to her normal meters. One for Kanako and one for Suwako.
  • Preorder Bonus: The star that Mei-ling wears on her hat.

Preorders can start July 30. Game is sold on August 16.

i guess this thread can absorbed back into the SWR main thread?

Sadly, yes.

I hope Cirno and Meiling can actually fight, would be a shame to waste two character slots on “joke” characters.

sweet! I love SWR

That thread’s nearly 500 posts long and too full of negative stigma to be constructive. I say let it die quietly. It needed a reboot anyway.

Where did you get that information, if you mind my asking? Not doubting the validity, just want to keep an eye on that site too.

Assists in SWR O_o. Does that mean Ran and Chen are gonna get changed into assists too? It seems weird to give Sanae unique meters like that when she could just have them as spell cards.

If nothing else, it sounds like she’s gonna have quite an advantage.

Cirno and China!

:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

From what I’ve been seeing, it seems that the new game itself is standalone, including four of the old cast and an undefined number of new characters. But if you have SWR installed, the full cast is available for use. It’s like Sonic and Knuckles all over again!

Pretty much all this new information is coming from the MelonBooks shop information page, which also includes some screenshots if you scroll down to the bottom. Judging from the one of Reimu saying ‘screw you’ to physics, new specials are being added for old characters as well.

I still want to know if they’re changing Border Escapes any. If they could do something about those the game would be a lot better than it is… As it stands I really don’t see any reason to play this over IaMP beyond scrub level. We’ll see, I guess.

Thanks for the heads up, mauve.

What sort of changes do you want them to make to border escapes? Removal? Tweaking?

I guess I might as well state some of what I hope they improve/fix too.
-Specials should go to level 3, not 4- and have a noticable improvement each level.
-More support cards. I’m thinking stuff like reshuffles, the different kinds of bombs and so on.
-At the very least Typhoon should be fixed somehow. If they’re not gonna redo weather entirely; at the very least do something about the weather that is consistently unwelcome and screws matches up.

The problem with Border Escapes stems from that blockstrings are waaaaay too strong in the game. There’s a lot of airtight or may-as-well-be airtight strings that you simply can’t do anything about other than Border Escaping out. Except that this also cheapens pretty much everything that ISN’T airtight and tends to make flight a bit too free, so the only place you can actually do anything interesting is when you have the other guy cornered and have to stagger out your attacks to bait them out.

A good example of its problems would be: You come down from above, the other guy comes up and starts pressuring you into airblocking, you BE out, you’re safe, he’s used up airdashes/flight/meter, everybody’s back to neutral. All at the cost of one red orb. And that’s really not that big of a problem unless you make a huge number of mistakes in a row. It turns much of the zoning game into a rather lame meter and waiting game, encouraging random fishing rather than pushing in on the opponent and capitalizing on his mistakes.

So they’d basically have to loosen up on strings heavily so fewer things are airtight/inescapable, getting rid of BEs entirely, or just make BEs a lot more costly to do. I think it would be a really big gain to the overall gameflow if they did it, though.

As far as weather goes, the only four weathers that people actually care about in match are River Mist, Typhoon, Spring Haze, and Sunshower. The only weathers that people actually try to manipulate are Typhoon and Spring Haze, because these give a definitive advantage to one player or another. The rest are functionally irrelevant for manipulation because they don’t give any real advantage to one side or another. Nerfing them is the equivalent of removing the manipulation game out entirely.

I suppose I can agree with that. I don’t have much of a problem with the current gameflow, but I agree that more costly BEs would benefit the game overall. I’d rather have them more costly than removed; this way border escaping can be felt.

I don’t think the manipulation game regarding Typhoon and Spring Haze really adds enough to warrant keeping around, honestly. But it’s a difficult problem in general. I just don’t think weather is a good enough mechanic that it should be left untouched.

Realistically, it probably won’t be touched, but I can still hope.

more screenshots have surfaced

Mei-ling has a super that looks like Gen’s Thousand Hands
Cirno has a super with ice spikes all over the place
Sanae has a super wave looking thing
More Marisa LASERS
Mei-ling doing something big. I think its her upward punch super from IaMP
Patchy charging up for something big

Still going to be a divided community with this one?