Touhou Hisouten ~Scarlet Weather Rhapsody~ (sequel to Immaterial and Missing Power?)


The Tasogare Frontier website ( updated recently, and with this new detail that may be of interest to fans of Immaterial and Missing Power.

Insert-credit lists it as follows:

Tasogare Frontier has announced that they will be displaying their new vs game Touhou Hisouten ~Scarlet Weather Rhapsody~ at the coming Reitaisai on the 20th and allow people to test play the game. No other details of the game have been released yet and it is not known if it is an expansion for Touhou Suimusou or if ZUN is involved.

Sequel? Update (with hopefully a lot more characters)? I could care less at this point, IaMP was a very fun game, and seeing that game getting any sort of follow-up at all is definitely something worth paying attention, to in my opinion.

Definitely shaping up to be a good summer for the doujin fighter fan… :wgrin: :wgrin:


wow, this is very, very good news.


I’m hoping for a sequel myself. I like the first game, but even when it first came out I thought it was a massive waste to be using such small sprites for the characters (and not that well animated to boot). But this is Tasofro so I’m expecting an expansion instead.


A sequel would definitely be nice, even if it was more in the “Accent Core” sense of a sequel. :wgrin:

But seriously, I think the thing that most people could probably agree on, was the rather small character roster that definitely needs to remedied. It was disappointing, given how Tasofro was able to bang out a rather sizable roster for their EFZ titles, and also how the Touhou series is chockful of interesting characters beyond the more “popular” ones utilized in IaMP. And if this game is going to be an interval in a later part of the storyline (in tandem with the other Touhou shooter?), well, then there’s even less excuse for them to not have a nice roster of chars.

After that, the only other thing I could want would be some engine enhancements, and balancing. Maybe they could even take an aspect from Wartech: Senko no Ronde, and make it so you could truly access a character’s “Boss Mode” Danmaku patterns, in exchange for more meter… :lol:


lookin forward to dis


Oh look, another good fighter nobody will play because it’s weird and full of little girls.

Also bell plz don’t ban me from this game. :frowning:


If there’s something IaMP needed, it was a few more systems, probably mostly in the defense department. Also they need to fix their fucked up controls.

But yeah, I agree with the characters thing. I think the issue there was with ZUN being a control freak though… I recall he made a fuss even when just Meilin was added.


That he did. The whole issue surrounding her inclusion was what caused many to doubt that there was even going to be a sequel at all to IaMP.

And yet, here we are, with some sort of sequel/update now probably a few days away from unvieling. Maybe ZUN and Tasfro patched up their differences, so that they can together one more time for a bad-ass game. Or at least…that’s what I hope. It really wouldn’t be the same without ZUN on board to at least supply the music, and maybe a few more character designs…


There has been no confirmation either way if this will be IaMP-related or not, so I would wait until Reitaisai before saying anything.

ZUN did make a fuss about Meirin, but on Tasofro’s diary it states he helped edit their work, so it may have been blown out of proportion.

IaMP’s defense systems are fine, but I will agree that their controls are a bit finicky. It mostly just comes down to people not knowing the game enough who can’t get out of stuff that looks intimidating but is fairly escapable.

The reason why the roster was as small as it was is because ZUN is a continuity nit, and the game was set after Perfect Cherry Blossom. Because of that, nobody from Imperishable Night or afterwards had a reason to show up, eliminating a lot of the interesting characters most people wanted to see in the game. If you think about it, pretty much everyone worth putting in the game is already there, except Flandre and Cirno.

GBlood: Getting anything but the chibified character sprites out from Tasofro pretty much isn’t going to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

CyberAkuma: IaMP’s pretty balanced. There are definite tiers but they’re very close together, and I’m not just saying this because tourney results have proven all characters can win (and have).


Well, I suppose that makes sense. Chances are, if ZUN really wanted to divorce Tasofro completely, we probably wouldn’t have gotten the awesome Super Marisa Land and MegaMari, like we have.

I didn’t want to imply that I thought the game was over-run with top tiers owning the roost, I was just of the opinion that I wanted the balancing to be as good a job as it possibly can, especially since a probable sequel would give them a chance to go back and try re-evaluating everyone.

So that’s all I could really ask for…well, that, and again, at least a few more characters, and maybe even a few “Boss-only” characters who could serve as “EX Story mode” challenges, just like how the real Touhou games have such challenges.


First screen shot unvieled…

…Ye-up. Definitely a follow-up to IaMP of some sort.


Iamp#/ac:ce 2!


CyberAkuma I sent you a PM, can you edit your first post in the Arcana Heart thraed you created with relevant info? Beacuse it’s really outdated now =/


sweet, looks awesome, cant wait till its released!


The new interface looks kinda ugly but it’s hard to tell anything from a small screenshot. Hope it turns out good.


I’m pretty sure that interface is going to be refined as things go further, because it looks really really bad right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


The background looks weird too … like the house is sunken into the ground or something. Well, it’s probably still pre-beta at this point so I’m not really worried. They cleaned up the last game pretty well and they know their stuff.


New news:

*Tasogare Frontier has updated their blog with more details regarding their upcoming game. Touhou creator ZUN will be writing the scenario and the game story will take place after Touhou Bunkachou but before Touhou Fuujinroku.

The game is basically bring made from the ground up by Tasogare Frontier using their experience from Touhou Suimusou, but it?s still at a very early stage in production right now and probably won?t be completed any time soon. They?re planning for it to be a standalone game and not an expansion to Touhou Suimusou.*

So, the plot thickens…it’s NOT an update, but more along the lines of a brand new game.

Makes me a bit sad to think that this game will not be coming out sooner, but I suppose it’s for the best…at least, as long as Tasofro is at the top of their game.

Sabin: Sent you a PM.


So wait… the game is in early production but they are having a test on the 20th? One of those two facts is probably wrong …


Either that, or it could be a slight mistranslation. “Early production” could entail anything from a very early alpha stage, to a possible beta build that still needs a lot of work before it can claim gold status.

As long as they got SOMETHING to work with, and it probably compiles correctly, they could feasibly have something to show off at the Touhou-fest. It may not be at all pretty, and it may not be ready to be even distributed as a demo yet, but it would be enough to at least get fans to start drooling in anticipation for anywhere between a probable Summer to Winter 2007 release.