Touhou Hisoutensoku

I noticed there wasn’t anything on the forum regarding the Touhou fighters.

If you’ve never played them, here’s some combo vids: [media=youtube]7yphZORHaRc]Hong Meiling Combo Video [URL=“”[/media]

To those more initiated, Touhou is actually a shmup, but, installments 7.5, 10.5 & 12.3 are all spin-offs; unique fighters with a heavy focus on projectiles and flight. The projectiles are, of course balanced out by various dash and flying techniques.

The games aren’t the deepest, but they’re hella fun, and if you’ve haven’t given them a shot, you really should.

So, anyone else have anything to share?

I would search in the fighting game discussion forum. Should be a couple of threads there on Touhou games.

There actually is a thread but it’s not that active. I’m cool with this being the new thread.

I main Meiling BTW :3

I use Tenshi and occasionally Suwako. Don’t play as much as I should though.

I play Patchouli.
a.k.a. I’m mucho casual.