Touney at dave and busters white flint in rockville maryland

i’m setting up my first tournament at dave and busters in Rockville Maryland at white flint mall starting at 5 pm.unfortunately due to time,i have to cap the attendance to 150 people. the date is 3-25-09. sorry bout the short notice but i had to work some things out with the special events department. $15 reg fee and $10 game fee is the charge. winner takes 70% of total game fee and 2nd and 3rd get 20% and 10%. there will be free energy drinks while supply’s last thanks to blast energy. also a live d.j. spinning hip hop remixed with some street fighter music from the soundtrack. i chose Wednesday because there will be happy hour and half price games going on at DnB so if you want go ahead and buy some drinks.

the tournament will be played on the PS3 on 4 high def screens and the final will be on a projector.

it will be best out of 3 rounds at 99 seconds per round. all controllers and sticks are welcome and there is no button configuration rules. i also have 2 sf4 SE sticks you can use. (was gonna upgrade the sticks to all sanwa parts but lizardlick is sold out)

if there are any more questions pm me or email me at

hope you guys come out!

I will be in Maryland at this time, and the 25th happens to be my birthday.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than winning a SF4 tournament ;)?

single or double elimination?

And 15$ reg fee?

Really? Does that get us anything? A T shirt? There would have to be 25 people there before 3rd place prize money actually broke even

maybe the $15 gets an appetizer and a drink or some shit. $15 is pretty high for a venue fee. esp for just one night.

the tourney better be double elim if they’re charging that much money.