Tour to Mad Catz, Inc. - New Arcade stick

Next week, I’ve been invited, along with all the other Store Managers for Gamestop in our district to visit Mad Catz HQ in San Diego.

They are going to show us all the latest controllers and other accessories coming out soon and asking for our input.

Most importantly, they are also allowing us to test them out. They are releasing a new arcade stick that will have ‘authentic arcade parts’ in them. We all know they are not going to be from Happs, but some cheap ass variation like the ones with nubytech’s SFA stick.

I’ll be bringing along one of my custom sticks that I’ve made to show them what people really want and see where it goes from there.

Are there any questions you would like me to ask them on your behalf? Post them here and I’ll write them all them to ask them.

Keep them professional please.

…and supposedly they are going to run close to $100 something… better be something amazing with ‘authentic’ parts. I will keep you all posted.

Can I get this stickied?

that sounds awesome. I hope you enjoy yourself.

I know it’s a stretch, but will they be trying to accommodate those who prefer Japanese-style convex buttons and ball tops too?

Prove to them you know what you are talking about. I go to gamestop quite alot and have zero faith in any of those employees or managers. They would pick an x-arcade stick over a byrdo, TMO, or HRAP without hesitation.

Bringing your stick is a great idea. But you did mention HAPP…are you into american style or japanese style sticks??? It may be different from the style Killian and Markman is suggesting.

Q: When will they announce the stick?
Q: When will they release pics?

people here go through a lot of trouble to get a good stick. make sure they know that.

Given the fact that these guys actually have considerable exposure, show them that it would be in their best interest to start making sturdy, reliable controllers, or start contracting parts from better companies, so they can overcome the “patents” roadblock. Just simply showing them that there sticks are inferior to the average Sony/Microsoft pad might make them think twice, but they probably already know that.

Good luck, either way.

make sure to bring a camera and take lots of pictures.

I doubt he’ll be allowed to take any pictures.

Q: Is this stick for PS3 / 360 / Both?

Q: I would like to know if the arcade stick case is going to be wooden or plastic.

Don’t be silly, no-one’s going to mass-manufacture wooden sticks :chat:

[list][]PAL release?
]Will they make a good Saturn/ASCII-style fighting pad? (honestly, I care more about this as I can’t exactly go & build one)
[*]Will they contract UDON to do the art?[/list]

That’s it.

I’m interested in how modifiable the sticks will be. If they’re not going to use Sanwa parts, will they be set up with quick disconnects and appropriate mounts for ease of upgrading?

I hope not, it would be better if it was just a stylish stick with no art (maybe just a logo since it’s a licensed stick).

If they are going for to be using cheap parts and things that would not be desirable for ‘hardcore’ joystick’ enthusiasts; suggest to the MadCatz team that they should allow for easy modification on the stick. This way, the people who don’t care about ‘quality’ parts are able to be reached, and this also satisfies the ‘hardcore’ joystick enthusiasts.

If MadCatz concern about allowing easy modification is that it voids the warranty, suggest to the team that a prominent disclaimer should be on the package that clearly states opening the joystick voids the warrenty… This can also peak the interest of the ‘casual’ gamer and may entice them to look more into this and actually want to do some modding themselves; further increasing the desirability of the joystick even among ‘casual’ gamers.

Like above said, it has to be easy to mod. Everybody mods them even though they are just fine to begin with.
Also, multi-output for PS\XBOX and USB would be great too. Being able to hook it up to the computer without any converter would be awesome and it would appeal to alot of the audience.

Look at the thread in tech talk. They are making the Official SF4 arcade stick, and Markman has already commented about it, and seems to have a lot of Faith in S-Kill about the quality of the stick.

Here is the link.

It’d be nice if you get pictures, but we all know that probably won’t happen.
What’d be REALLY nice is to see if they’ll let you open it up and look inside.
-Are the buttons soldered directly to the board?
-Is it using a common ground?
-What kind of parts for play buttons and stick?
-If the stick is mounted on plastic, is the mounting point for the stick recessed like the Agetec, or flush with the top panel like the Namco? (to get an idea what kind of mod for putting a proper stick in is needed)
-If the stick is mounted to metal, is the mounting point a proper size for mounting a Sanwa or Seimitsu like an HRAP, or dedicated to the stock stick like the T5?
-Are the chips on the PCB soldered on and visible, or covered in that black epoxy gunk MadCatz seem to always use? (The 8 pin Xbox security chip won’t be under epoxy, but Im mostly concerned with the main microcontroller)
-Are the existing button holes using the standard 30mm hole, or a different size?
-Are the non-play buttons like Start, Select, PSX/Guide, etc. on the top in an area they could be mashed accidently, or on the sides?

I’m sorry guys, none of that info will be given out. We’re not revealing specifications as of yet, but when they are available it will be posted. I apologize in advance.

The info from the GameStop meetings here at MC will be confidential and should not be made public knowledge. The district managers who visited last week were under NDA (non disclosure agreement) and future meetings will be no different.

Rotendo when you come by, ask for me we can talk at length about the arcade stick then. If a mod could please unstick and close this topic, that would be appreciated.

I promise when info is available and can be given out, it will be. As of right now until things are final, we are not going to mention anything.

QFT. This is probably what most people will do to it anyway.


Obviously quality parts is the top priority, but I think a way to interchange art on the face of the stick would be great and easy. Almost every custom stick in tech talk has custom art, so I think a lot of people would be pleased with an easy solution to customizing their stick.

Have they tested this stick with the latest games forthcoming(Street Fighter 4)?