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Oh hello guys.the thing is what do you do against magneto.Hes like the most bad matchup for Mr Wright,Disruptor Spam,Magnetic shockwaves all day etc.What do you guys do against Magneto?


Chicken block and watch out for the grabs. Call out the cellphone when he’s in the air. I don’t have much Magento experience.


Maya is your friend. Always. Fake going for evidence if you think he’s going to hyper grab punish you, or just walk up grab you. Everyone assumes you’re calling Maya to collect evidence if you don’t have a full set yet, so juke 'em.


Obtain evidence until the Magneto realizes he has Disruptor. After that, you’re gonna need Maya to tank some beams while you get one or two pieces of evidence. Bad evidence might actually help you as it gives Inv. Wright something to throw at Magneto, and meat will make taking some chip damage worth it. So basically, just focus on getting your evidence against Disruptor spam - as long as he’s over there, and you have Maya, just get evidence and block when Maya is down.

As for the true blue, up close and personal Magneto, get ready to block those cr.:l:'s. Always look to knock Magneto out of the sky with evidence, or use that as time to call Maya. And get ready to either tech grabs or call out Maya Sliding.

Or you could always just spam the photo.