Time:April 5th starting at 12:00 Noon

Location: 10380 Knob Road
Mercersburg, PA 17236

Ok its been way too long since I’ve had one of these so lets see how this one turns out.

Games going to be played…

$10.00 entry


Ok I will have around 5 or 6 Tv’s setup plus the japanese cabinet. I am going to start the grill around 1:00 so everyone needs to get here at a timely manor.

EDIT: ok basement is already full so if you have not asked me about crashing here, there is no more room left.
also because of the huge turnouts of previous tournaments I NEED TO KNOW, who is coming. AKA- if your coming you NEED TO POST ON HERE. I am cutting the limit of people off at 50 after that its too much to worry with.

Ok hope to see everyone there.

P.S We will be having money matches going on all night long if anyone is interested.


Awesome! I’ll spread the word. :smiley:

Ok… so, which thread is the correct thread!?

who’s driving from Chicago :sunglasses:

Ah, not me. Sorry to say but I wont be going all the way to PA for this.

Besides, Iowa is the weekend after.

I will def be there

Lol son, you have no idea who you is dealing with.

Since you think you is the shiit, MM me. But unlike these lozers I don’t MM with crap cash. My minimum is $50.

money matches money matches!

Umm I don’t MM because I don’t think I’m the shit and I suck. lol got me twisted homie…

Anyway, let’s see if I can greyhound or amtrak it up there =D

EDIT: Nevermind too far and it IS the weekend before the iowa tourney. Have fun everyone.

tom’s is legendary + and gdlk indeed.

if im free i’ll definitely come.

gg for the same post in two threads…

anychance of getting ST in here other then that i am def up for this sounds likea awsome time…:lovin::woot:


TOMASS TOURNEY!? I havent gone since the last one, we gotta get our a3 rematch Tom!

I’ll spread the word as well.

Hope to see some familiar faces there… aside from Tom’s, of course.

Bring a good amount of wealth (in the form of currency please) with you, people. ^^;

I’ll be there.

what up people I just moved here from MI and have been looking for people to play I live in Carlisle which is like 40 min away from mercersburg so I will most def be in the house

Cool, what games do you play?

pretty much everything from snk to capcom, 2d to 3d with 3s being my main what about you

shit if ski is going…

sup sup

Can i roll with…and is kenji rollin yo?:wgrin: