Tournament Appearances of the Gen community



I’d like this thread to be for those of us planning to go to a tournament, so may we be able to at least learn from eachother irl in those circumstances.

I’ll start with that I’ll be attending Winter Brawl this weekend, and I’ll definitely be playing Gen with some Makoto if I run into problems. Ultimately, my friends know my Gen too well and if they do matchup against me I might be forced to use her instead, with hope :frowning:


I was at a tourney on Saturday. I lost to 2 Sakura players.

One was my fault, dropped a combo, and I got outplayed the other game. Will post more tomorrow.


I kinda meant high profile tournaments, like ones posted on the forums. Not non-specific ones.


TommyTwoTime plays in tournaments vs players like Marlinpie and Dieminion. I bought this thread will be very popular in time for people to get ideas or talk about tournaments. everyone is playing MvC3.


Yea. It was a smaller tourney, but there were still players from out of state and such. Don’t be so quick to discredit.



There’s a tourney coming up in my area this Saturday near my area at Milpitas Golfland.

3 v 3 on AE
1 v 1 on Console
1 v 1 on MVC3

I’m doing the 3v3 so don’t think it’ll be streamed. Might do the 1v1. I’ll keep you guys updated :slight_smile:


yes please I want to grab some more footage of you for your spot in my video.


Rivals Schools in SoCal this weekend will be streamed. 5v5 teams, and I’ll be playing Gen for UCLA. Our team is extremely weird… might want to check it out.


I am interested in watching this. Can we get the stream link?


Project Failure is coming up on Friday, I’ll post a stream link soon

PF is the monthly tournament in CT

I’m hoping to do well, but I’ve been off my game as of late :-/


good luck man. I’ve been slack myself. Been busy with this video haven’t even had time to play and i have a local tournament next weekend.


I was at WGC in France this week. It was my first big tournament so I didn’t do very well in the pools. Lost 4, won 4.

Still, I think I made a bit of a reputation for myself. At the last day I got invited to a hotel room to play angainst Ryan Hart, Dieminion, Dawgtanian, Starnab, Cuongster, Skattan Milla, Yagami, Jiji, F-word, Kenpachi and CCL. I was actually the only one who was able to beat Ryan, who was OCV’ing everyone.

I got excited to the point that I’m going to buy an Xbox since all the players who asked for my Id were from XBL.

I’ll post some videos of my matches against Dieminion at the tourney. I was extremely nervous, couldn’t land most of my combos but still I think I did well.

At least I put my country on the map, since most people were calling me “The Portuguese Gen”. That’s good enough for me and I’ll definitely try to get better in the future.


nice one mate.

any tips on how to beat Ryan hart, Dawgtanian, and F-word. As these guys are from the UK and will most probably be playing at Ultimate Clash 6. which i’ve entered.


Dieminion will probably be entering as well. He’s living in the UK at the moment.

I played casuals with Dawgtanian, who btw, was the nicest guy I met at the tourney. He told me he was training Gen to be his secondary, so he knows most of the character’s gimmicks. His execution level is over the top. One focus and you’re bound to eat six or seven Fuerte’s fierces.

Against F-word you seriously need do learn Gen’s FADC parry, unless you’re pretty confident in blocking Ibuki’s vortex 'cause once you’re in it you’re in deep trouble.

Dieminion told me he is used to playing Gens. As promised here is a match I did against him:


Have in mind that I was extremely nervous. This was my first tournament and I did lots of stupid mistakes and missed most of my combos, I’m usually not that bad. Here’s another video of me playing withou my nerves taking the best of me. =P


Good luck in Ultimate Clash. :wink:


You played very well in both those matches! The Dieminion match could have gone either way.


very solid Gen, Afonso!


That Dieminion match was so awesome. I love your neutral jump spacing. You had him when you hit mk and mk->hands in the last round! Don’t worry man, everyone drops combos when they’re fighting well-known players or being recorded. It gets better with time.

I’m so glad you’re repping the old man legitimately.


yeah i remeber someone telling me that Dawgtanian played Gen a little in SF4. I dint know he was still training with him in Super. I’ve played one good Fuerte player called Wisebalde, i dont know how good he is compared to Dawgtanian but he was hard to play against as it is.

i’ve seen F-word’s matches, he is good. Funny enough i’ve been practicing Gen’s Parry, i only managed to do it 2 out of 10. Need to practice. I think just focus at the right time will be ok.

Dieminion guile is hard from the looks of it. You played really well and managed to jump in on him which i was very supprised because most guile played would have an AA ready for that. I may have to adopt your style when/IF i play him or any guiles in general.

Also… DUDE … you play on a pad too. Man you pad Gen players are the new hotness… LoL


Here’s the stream link for the tournament tonight

Project Failure on


Good luck, StarFighter.