Tournament(arcade)specific question: Is it worth it to learn Console-only characters?

I’m assuming at any tournament, Cabinets are standard. Now, is it worth it to learn Ippatsuman/Viewtiful Joe if (which I think) they are console only?

Or is it possible to play Ippatsuman on the arcade version?

not possible to play as on arcade.

if your planning to go to japanese tournements you probubly shouldnt bother learning them. in the USA youll be able to play as them pretty much anywhere most tournements will proubby be on console.

course someone can make up their own rules for a tournement but i havent heard of anyone banning console characters. so would just play them if you like them.

I do like Ippatsuman, just wanted to make sure i’m not wasting my time on a non-viable tourney character. Thanks for the info, mate!

  1. Dude is there an arcade near you?
  2. If so will there be tourneys via arcade?

Even is the answer is 1. yes 2. no

Then it shouldnt matter. Its not like there are tonnes of arcades with TvC. On top of that Evo being the biggest tourney will be done on console (if its part of the line up), so lol.

I think most likely you’ll probably just play the console version, considering it has all the characters and they’ll provide you with a arcade stick! Maybe! I do intend on learning Fei Long in SFIV and I recall Seth Killian saying look out for his command throw in tournaments! So it’s worth it!

Just learn the console characters, but just in case you so happen to play an arcade version, make sure you learn 1-2 arcade characters on the side. Simple as that.

I’m putting alot of work into Saki…

The console-specific character issue is always very discomforting. It should be reduced to obvious boss type characters, or avoided altogether.

Going on your thread of logic, he might as just well learn every single character in the game. Simple as that. :rolleyes:

You can use Saki in the little money matches going on in the corners of the tourney room. You’ll be aight. Use the $10 you win to buy two packs of Velveeta Mac. A classy feast for your family.

Wait. What. No. If he learns 1-2 arcade characters, he can continue using which ever console chararcters he wants to play, so in case he’s caught and forced to go arcade, he wont be disadvantaged.

I think I just worded my last post wrong. Lol.

lol… eat shit and die.:yawn:

You’re being trolled, is all.