Tournament at 50 cent's house. 5/15/05 Mvc2/Tekken 5

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st. Demon Hyo- (Row, Storm/sent/cyc Storm/strider/doom)

2nd. Julian Robinson- (Blackheart/cable/tron and cyc)

3rd. 50 cent aka Rasul- (Msp Storm/sent/cyc)

4th. Bryheem Keyes- (Row, and Scrub)

5th. Dave- (Storm/sent/cyc Mag/cable/cyc)

Tekken 5

1st. Bryheem Keyes- (Steve, jack-5, nina)

2nd. Julian Robinson- (Murdock, King, Raven)

3rd. Dave- (Paul, and nina)

4th. Demon Hyo- (Steve, and Anna)

5th. 50 cent aka Rasul- (Brian)

There was a total of 15 people that attendend! :woot: Rasul and Dave had some of there friends come over and enter the tournaments. Some of those guys played the games seriously and some just played because they liked the games. Btw, it was $5 to enter and the pot for both games were nice.

Tekken 5
The Grand Finals was 4-1 Bryheem.
Losers finals between Dave and Julian were 3-2 Julian.

Bryheem’s nina and steve owned everyone.

Julian has a tricky Raven and his King is awsome!

Dave’s nina is so :lame: and cheap that everybody in the room was laughing. (That man never gets grabbed and has crazy mixups.)

Me and Julian went 3-0 two times and both got perfects on each other, but in the end he picked brain and won the set. 2-1

15 heads?? get some of these bums to the paddle weeklies… everyones afraid to enter marvel…

wow so many people for such a random tournament

With Bryheem everything is random. He knows how to hype things up at the right time.