Tournament at 707 tilt 5/15

Tournament at 707 tilt 4/17
ttt(PS2), tekken 4(PS2), CVS2, GGXX, MVC2, Virtua Fighter Evo, Soul Calibur 2, SSF2X(DC), and Super Smash Bros Melee(GCN). As in all other console tournaments, make sure you bring your own controllers. I’m bringing a saturn pad(Converter) and a DC joystick for super turbo so if you don’t have a controller I guess you could borrow either one of those.

I’ve picked up marvel in the last couple weeks so we can have enough people to play the game. You will all fear colossus after this tourney. I got the word out to a couple marvel players at tilt so hopefully we will have enough.

Sign-ups start as 12:00 and end around 2:00. Usually though we wait until around 3 to start the tournament so If your going to be late make sure you visit the front desk to make sure sign-ups aren’t over yet.

How much: entry fee is $5 per game, except for ssbm and tekken, which will be $7 ($2 to the arcade). expect pay to play (although games may be on free play). the pot will be 65/25/10 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. 1st for ttt & T4 gets 65% + $15. 1st for ssbm gets 65% + $10. This month 1st for marvel gets 65% +15.

Location info:
Tilt, Solano Mall (aka Westfield Shoppingtown)
1372B Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
Upper level near JCPenney

What is the difference between Japansese Style and American Style for team tournies?

Edit: Typo

American style is when everyone shares the same team and groove. Japanese style is when players don’t have to share teams or grooves. Both use brackets, but since there are multiple teams withing teams round robin is used to decide who advances.

5 15 thats not a good day

roy jones jr and antonio tarver fight

As for Tekken4, VF4 Evo, and SCII, I’m bringing both my PS2’s for the tourney. One of them will be for VF4 Evo while the other will be for both T4 and SCII. I’ve also got another Hori PS2 stick coming in shortly so PS2 sticks wise that won’t be a problem at all.

For VF4 Evo, anyone that is interested in playing that game it’ll be on PS2 console since the controls on the arcade board is still very unreliable plus again if we have enough players, I will add 15 bucks to the pot. I felt bad for the guys that played VF4 Evo so I’m hoping this works out better.

thanks for

thanks for the 411 shinobi00 on that tourney, i appreciate that. True to ur word, now, lets see if i can get up there.

just wanted to kno who was gonna b ther…i might actually make it this time i got sat off…happiness…:smiley:

Me, most likely!

Oh is the CVS2 tourney gonna have a team and single tourney?

Thats right and plus no 3s:(

no 3s? wtf? aye hiro, dude looks like dhalsim…haha…anyways man, nice seeing ya on friday fewl!

Yeah that’d be cool, but we’d have to start the team tourney around 12:00 on the dot or maybe even earlier. We can try it and see how it works out this time. So team tournament at 12:00 and singles around 4:00pm. That sound ok? If not it’s one or the other. If we do do it that way signups for the team tourney start when the arcade opens, and the team tourney will start at 12:00, no later. We could dot it after the singles tournament, but who knows how long that could run.

The arcade has been trying to find a decent 3s machine for a long time. If you want we could do it on console, but I don’t even know who’d want to play it console.

Oh yeah I hung flyers up sat in the arcade and tyram put some at solano. Hopefully all local players will know about it this time, and won’t come walking in at the last minute and being like,“oh there was a tourney today?”

CVs2 controls are great as well. I played A-groove around 6 times until I lost with it, and there were no instant activations or anything like that. The sticks are a little tight, but I like them that way.

Considering that last time the CvS2 tournament almost didnt happen due to turnout, i doubt there will be enough people for the team and single tournies. All you have to do is get Ricky O to show up again and everyone and their mom will show up. So work on that kids.

As for 3s bring your DC + sticks, and play it all you want.

If anyone wants to do teams just stick around afterwords. I was talking to alot of tilt players about the tournament last week, and hung flyers up so a lot more local players know about it this time. This might be the biggest cvs2 turnout in the past 3 months. And it’ll be just local players.

I have alot of downloaded e3 vids to see if anyone wants them, and a few match vids.

I’m also gonna try and get someone to bring a camcorder so these matches will probably be upped.

Hm, me and a friend are going to be heading up there from the East Bay for the tourney. Is the turnout going to be good for CvS2? Someone said the last turnout wasn’t so hot and I don’t want to drive all the way up there for nothing. Thanks.

showing up

ok, salinas will be showing up for this tourney, been a while since we have been there. How is the marval machine? does it have concave buttons still or have they been switched to convex, we are all used to convex. We have a pretty decent cvs2 player going as well, and i think one other guy with us will be joining cvs2. We also want to join the team tourney but we wont be there till around 1 or so, but from the looks of things it doesnt matter because its happening after singles? neway, 3 of us garunteed for marval, just make sure we dont have to play eachother in the first round of winners or losers. Its a long drive and that would suck. peace

I will be there Sat. Both the MVC2 and CVS2 machines are working great, and marvel has convex buttons. The turnout is usually decent for cvs2 (14-20 people) but the last one was very small, expect a better turnout this time.

Hell yeah negroes!

This is the first tournament at tilt i’ve actually been excited about in a while. We’ll have third strike for dreamcast(lame i know) so if you guys want to play just sign-up for it and bring a controller.

yeah I’ll convey that to whoever is running marvel. Hope you guys play tag this time too.

Alright late, gotta learn fastfly with sent. Team scrub bitch!

Don’t forget that there will be Tekken there as well. Tekken Tag will be on console this time along with Tekken 4 due to the arcade machine’s broken controls. I know a player from around the Salinas area that might be going for Tekken. Will any of you guys be playing?

I am that guy from salinas, and I am coming to win…unless I play Joe King or Andy, but not Bronson, no Bronson is a straight scrub.


good shit man, im glad to hear they are convex buttons, thats what we all love and use constantly. shinobi00, team scrub almost always owns salinas for free. occasionally we get in a win, but a good scrub mops us up easily. Regardless, looks like i am also taking an extra up there for tekken. I used to work with the guy. Good shit if you ask me. peace out