Tournament at cameronsalex's arcade every friday starting in march


Alex Arcade

every Friday starting in march

626 South Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA (McFadden & Harbor)

MvsC 2

Entry Fee:
$5 or $10 dependng on # of players

Double Elimination
1st 70%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

Sign Ups Start @ 5 PM
Tourney Starts @ 6 PM
depending on players and when everyone could show up

We had a successful turnout not long ago. Thanks to all who showed up and participated. We would like to extend our invitation to any player interested in this tourny from James Games, Regency Fun Center, Super Arcade and Family Fun Arcade. We have 3 Cabs to ensure the tourny goes smoothly as possible. Therefore before prior start of tourny we’ll look into the cabs to have proper working conditions. For more details, questions or issue, feel free to contact me by PM.


You might want to change the prize split to 70-20-10. ^___^