Tournament at Chinatown Fair, NY NY 06/07/08

Ok guys in addition to the usual marvel tourney, there will a St and Cvs2 tourney as well. St and Cvs2 will b ran by Nick T. and Nohoho, talk to them if u want info about the time they will start.

Marvel Tourney

Time: 6:30
Entry fee: $5
-open to anyone
-Pay per play
-2 outa 3 Double Elimination
-winners/losers finals are 3 outa 5
-Grand finals are 4 outa 7
-winner keeps the team and order they won with
-loser allowed to switch team/sides
-switch glitch allowed

I’ll let them fill in the rulez for st an cvs2 cuz I don’t know what the entry fee is and i don’t know what tournament format they will use. Guys let me know this information, so I can post it next time we run a tourney :tup:

Hope to c some new faces as well as the regulars.


when we gonna start havin some console tourneys? :lol:

**ST tourney is the only thing I’m interested in that day.

Console tournies will have to wait until later, unless someone would be willing to organize something somewhere reasonable and distance friendly.

Otherwise, MARCH TO CF!!


For Super Turbo going to try special rules:
Solo 3 on 3
Singles tourney where each player picks three characters at sign-up and then matches are played elimination style until one person has lost with all three characters.

  • Duplicate characters OK

  • Akuma NOT OK

  • Blind pick first character

  • Blind sign-up (I’ve got Blanka Blanka O.Ryu)

  • 6 pm sign up. 7 start.

  • $2 entry, winner take all

  • Turbo 3

  • Coin flip for sides if anyone cares

  • Probably round robin… depends on how many people

Nick T.'s got CVS2 (and helping me run ST, ugh) but it’ll start a bit earlier.

I like those rules Nohoho. It’s like a team tourney minus the people!

Sorry for posting late but whatever.


$5 entry
2/3 Winners + Losers + Semis
3/5 Grand Finals
Winner has to keep team + order
Loser may change
Signups: When I start seeing people - 5 PM
Start - 6

Reason why so early is to try to compensate time while making people mildly happy with 2/3. I really believe it can go fast if people stay where they have to be if they know they’re playing within a 10-15 minute time period.


Questions? please post or PM me.

finally gonna go to one for the whole tourney!

see you there liston:tup:

good job dude :rock:.

Damn… i cant believe imma join:bgrin:
Yoooo, sum1 shuld help mii get gud…:pleased:
This might b the start of a beautiful relationship Mii&Mahvel:lovin:

Frenzii r u gonna enter Marvel?

Yea dood, im gonna enter ST and Marvel:pleased:
U think u can help mii wit marvel??

Henry kindly fixed the 2p jab on ST. So machine is OK.

Tinshi - If you get a chance, watch Chris using Chun. He’s very methodical / knows matchups well.

Anakron - (re: up above) yeah adds a slightly different bit of strategy. I don’t know if we’ll have a critical mass of people who even care but we’ll see.

well i’ll give u advice on match ups a strats but u gotta put in the work and pay ur dues. u know where i’ll b.

opera123, hey wats up man!,

i am the guy that always plays blackheart the big dude!!, hey man i didn’t know that you
were part of shoryuken. Anyway, i am spreading the word through out the threads, hopefully
more people will show next time. peace!

thanx alot bro. I’ll c u there on Saturday.


I got nothin’…

PROTIP: just because the ST machine is off doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. Some of the local akuma players shut it off when they lose to the computer. Switch is on the top towards the right.

Where’s supermin?

I love the ST rules. I’d enter as team bye but theres a melty blood tournament going on.

He died.

Are you serious or joking?

lol im kidding. Sorry about that.

But last I heard from him was a week after the last tourny and he was busy. Haven’t heard from him since and he’s rarely on AIM or anything now.

Usually he’s pretty active, but I have no clue where he is.