Tournament at Chinatown Fair, NY NY 06/07/08

Too bad. Min is one of the biggest CVS2 boosters in the northeast. Also a rare Bison player @ ST.

Zaelar - You guys are going to be right around the way, eh? I could page you or Chibi on cell phone if you like.

We might be running the tournament a little earlier than planned so I might be able to enter. PMing you my number.

mins alive he was on aim right before c3

Zaelar - Got it, thanks!

BTW it’s supposed to be effing hot on saturday:

Hey hi! Everyone, I was lucky 2 find this forum, I’ve been looking for a place where to play mvc2 like about 2 years, im from long island nd hea I couldnt find a place where 2 play this game, but luckily I found this nd im definitely goin 2 the tourney, just one thing, idk how to get there? Can somebody tell me? Im goin to take the LIRR nd if somebody can tell how to get there from the Penn Station, nd also what time CF opens? Because I would like to arrive there early to practice a lil bit cuzz I havnt play in a long time…

take the NRQ line downtown to canal street, when you get out, look for a mcdonalds, facing the mcdonalds, take a left along canal for about 5 blocks and take a right onto mott, go all the way down mott, its at 8 mott street.

Hey thanx bro for the info, but just a lil problem, I think that NRQ is a subway rite? , where do I take it? Im not really familiar with subway I have never ride one…

at penn station, you take the subway train N, going to coney island(someone check me on this) and stop on canal street. you could also take the R train, going to bay ridge and get off on canal, and the Q train I really can’t tell you. then do as henaki said(walk around the block till you find the mcdonalds, then walk down to mott street, make a right and keep walking down). CF opens at 12, but nobody really shows up at that time. evening - late hours are the best. good luck.

Thanks!! I got it now!, see ya there on sat!.. nd somebody knows like wut time is the tourney over? Nd usually how many players play in the tourney?

No problem, and once again good luck. The tourneys usually run for a couple of hours give or take, depending on how many people play. I really don’t know how many are gonna be there for these games cuz I don’t play em. :expressionless:

All right then, once again thanx 4 da info,+New+York,+NY+10013&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=46.27475,76.992187&ie=UTF8&ll=40.717079,-73.998692&spn=0.01088,0.018797&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.714019,-73.998731&panoid=eHvq27ivIWmtl5ah78y8HA&cbp=1,99.14338782501966,,0,-2.284147426845768

You can also check it out on Google maps street view.