Tournament at Chinatown Fair, NY NY o6/28/08

Sup people Im doing this one one week after Midwest.

Rulez: I think by now we all know these rulez, but if u don’t feel free to post any question or PM/IM me.

Entry fee: $5

Start time: 6.30 (and im not afraid to DQ u, last time i DQuuuuuued Erik Arroyo and he won almost all the tournaments. Keep that shyt in mind)

I think Fred said that he would do a super turbo tourney also,im not so sure about Nick running CVS2. Guyz post ur rulez format here. Any questions about those 2 tournaments they will answer ur questions.


I’m there like swimwear

I dunno if i’ll be able to run a cvs2 tourny on the 28th. I would love to but work, and people not showing up are holding me back. I’m hype as fuck about cvs2 these days and I would love to run bi-weeklies or monthlies, if i was able to get time off work.

So at this point, i dunno.

yo Des do u think Erik wants a run back with the two young uns…lol

Yeah I’ll run Super Turbo. Maybe we can try to cap some video this time. I’ll check in with the usual suspects on saturday to see what’s up but for now:

  • 7 pm
  • $2 entry, winner take all

on average how many entrys do u usually get

So far this year: 11, 13, 7

That’s cuz most of the people who aren’t there are either participating in other tournaments out of the blue.

Nohoho: Since you’re hosting ST, I say register an hr before shit hits down in case people wanna join. But yea, any hot chick wants to join the tournament = :hitit:

Otherwise, I’ll be there, fair and square.


Dammit I meant to check in with people (Chris, Justin, Walter, etc.) today to urge them to stop by on the 28th but I forgot. I think I’m going to go on hiatus after the next couple events until SF4 comes out so I really want to get a few more games in with everybody in the meantime.

Way back during CE/HF days there were a couple relatively skillful women that played at my local arcade. One used Ken because she thought he was hot. Pretty funny.


My bad man i promised to be there last tourney, but i had to fly out of the country for a week because of an emergency last week. I'm back today and i am down for the next tourney at CF.

it will good 2 have u there man

yo liston good luck in dat tourney… u and the rest of them…

So you guys won’t know what tournament it’s going to be until it’s official before the day hits right? I’m hoping you guys could pull up one well… that’s if I’m not working that day…praying

I’ll be there.

i’m taking the fob bus down… after 5 years with no training mode i found a dreamcast… now i’m keeping my infinite hand strong so u kids are done…

I think Josh “Rashreflection” is going to try to come through. Tough online player from Ohio.

Sanford - Are you going to enter ST?
Any mvc2 players who want to enter gotta come over and say so – I’m too shy to yell about it.

[quote=“OperA123, post:4, topic:42777”]

yo Des do u think Erik wants a run back with the two young uns…lol[/QUOTE

Put all of them in my bracket:nunchuck:!


[quote=“OperA123, post:4, topic:42777”]

yo Des do u think Erik wants a run back with the two young uns…lol

Put all of them in my bracket:nunchuck:![/quote]

lol…maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad salty

I’ll enter ST since i’m finally done with school.