Tournament Audio Thread


Alright so I’ve been looking into getting some good headphones for tournament play and was curious if anyone has experience finding some good headphones that do a good job of blocking out the sound at tournaments.

Also I’ve seen F.Champ using this mixer/amp type thing that plugged into the system and let him hear game sounds through his headphones, while still having game audio coming through the TV for the other player. Does anyone know what that is? I was looking around and think I may have found it, but I’m not sure if this is it:

Anyone got any ideas?


I use an astro mixamp with my xbox360, it plugs into the optical out port and a usb port. It does not affect the audio coming out of the analog ports at all so it might work for your purpose.


Just wanna bump this thread… I got the chance to use astro mix amp on ps3… Just plug the optic cable… Turn it on (USB or battery)…

Turn the multi audio output ON in the ps3 audio setting… to get the sound coming out of both tv (hdmi) and ur headphones (mixamp)…


Astros are truth for this purpose. The only issue is that you’ll need batteries since you will likely not be able to plug it into a USB port in a tournament.


Get powered hubs?


I was wondering about this stuff as well. Is there no power adapter for the mixamps… only 4 AA batteries or USB? Also, how many headphones can you plug into it? It seems there is only one 3.5mm jack for the headphones and one 2.5mm for the xbox controller.


I used batteries. And yeah there’s only 1 jack for the headphones. Not sure how to split the signal to two headphones from the mixamp.

I used a 99% noise canceling headphones. I almost dropped every combo. Maybe because I Couldnt hear myself pressing buttons! I could only hear the in game sound. Hahaha. Literally couldn’t hear anything ANYTHING else… except the sound coming from the headphones.


Even if it had some sort of power adaptor, there’s still the fact that it’s going to be hard to find outlets for these in tournaments.


What were the headphones? I wouldn’t mind getting some of those.


Tested Sony MDR-NC500D and Bose QuietConfort (15 and 13). Pretty expensive tho. (chargeable batteries for the headphones).