Tournament Bracket Software with Support for Pools


I’m one of the organizers for a rather large tournament down in Mexico. One frustrating problem that we had last year was the lack of any kind of software that we could use to create the brackets. We had to do it all by hand.

Now I’m aware of many different options as far as tournament brackets are concerned. Challonge in particular would be great since it posts the results online immediately for you but for some unknown reason NONE of the tournament bracket generators support pools and when you’re dealing with 150 or so players, having pools is not really an option. Without them things become chaotic fast.

Could anybody recommend a program that will allow me to quickly generate a Double Elimination bracket with say 20 pools of 8 players? Doing it manually again will make me cry. lol


I use this program. Very versatile and easy to use. The only issue is that it’s difficult manipulating the brackets after the tourney has started.

I find that a combination of a primary electronic bracket, along with pen-and-paper brackets, are the way to go for ideal efficiency.


Thanks - it looks like a pretty good program. Unfortunately - like all the others I’ve tried it doesn’t have any support for pools. :frowning: At least not that I can see.


Or use Google spreadsheets if you don’t have office.


Just been waiting for the VxG fiasco to continue so I made you some basic brackets, feel free to use them if you want.

The brackets for top 20 aren’t complete, but not a lot of work for you to finish up. They assume only one person qualifies out of each pool, but if you want winners and losers you just need to remove the finals bracket for each pool and add more brackets on the last page. Excel is pretty easy to use. As long as you don’t need them to be updated online, it’ll do everything you need.