Tournament Bracket Software

Hey I was wondering If I could find some tournament bracket software. I saw some for like $100 bucks aint no way Im doing that, I will stick to paper and pencil first. Does ne1 have a better solution? Preferably freeware.

I remember the boys at fayetteville has what Im looking for, if yall see this post hit me back plz

I guess Filemaker Pro is what you want if you want some snazzy brackets and whatnot. But if you just want brackets Excel or Word should be good enough.

im using to make the brackets for the SRK women’s madness tourney
All thanks to LightningStorm

I thought Lightning Storm’s Tournament Maker was stickied or something. It’s a fantastic piece of software that everyone should be using for all kinds of tournament formats.

Is LS going to release a new build? 2.0 has been out for quite a while.

Last it was asked I think he said he was working on something but there hasn’t been anything new since. I’d like to know if it’s going to be updated soon because it’s a brilliant piece of software.

Even not, 2.0 is great for what it serves.