Tournament coming up? Get stickied!


Sometimes the little guys need help too. It’s not much, but what I want to do is to give all tournaments some sticky time and maybe a little more exposure. So here is a policy I will try to “stick” to:

Sticky times:
Small tournaments - 1/2 weeks before the date of the tournament
Mid - 3/4 weeks before the date
Large - 6 weeks
Major (if there are any left these days) - 2 months

Supermods/Admins have the final say on determining the size of the tournament
Feel free to PM me if you think your tournament should be stickied earlier.

Money matches will not be stickied.

Oh, and play nice. Any trolling/flaming coming from the tournament organizers are subject to thread deletion. Recreation of a deleted thread (that violates the trolling/flaming rule, recreation of tournaments that don’t follow the posting rules is ok) is an auto-ban.

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If we haven’t stickied your thread, please PM one of the admins or me. I’m generally busy in the summer times, but if you PM me, I’ll get an email via my black berry. Javi is a busy man too, so please forgive us if we haven’t gotten around to it. PM us more than once if you have to, thanks for the co-operation.


Great idea, it really helps support/promote the smaller communities and their events.

Question, do the organizers have to request a sticky, or will a mod/admin sticky the thread as the “Sticky Times” come up?


I’ll be babysitting this forum, so stickies will pretty much happen as I see fit. If I am missing something, then someone can PM to remind me that an event should be stickied.


What qualifies small from mid? mid from large, and large from major?

Are you looking at # of games? # of posts? # of attendants? entrance fees?

I assume that SBO/Evo are Major tournaments.

What about T8? that was stickied well in advance, so is that a major tournament as well? I’d think the T series would merely be Large.

Then you have ECC/Texas shodown/MWC which I guess are all large tournaments?

So what’s the difference between mid and small?

is small house gathering sized? ~8 man brackets

I think I throw mid sized tournaments $10 entry fees, major games, out of city travellers. But we usually hold less than 30 man brackets for our games. Are we mid or small?

At any rate. Good stuff.


Quote - “Supermods/Admins have the final say on determining the size of the tournament”

Evo world is not considered since it has its own forum.
Here are some examples…

Major - EVO Regional series, Texas Showdown (not showdown championships),NEC, SBO

Large - Final Round, Houston’s Trashday, ECC 1/2 series, (possibly) Convention tournaments

Middle - Regional tournaments (not sure what else as of yet)
Small** - small unrecognized tournaments, 1st time tournaments by new organizers

I’m leaning towards T8 being a major, since it is Canada’s biggest fighting games tournament.

So that being said, NEC8 (once eric changes things to the correct format), held on Dec 1-2, will be stickied in October. 2 months time for that.


That is until I start the “West Cost Canadian championships”



I’ve posted some events a few weeks ago. They are from PlayNTradeAZ. Can I get the Marvel vs Capcom 2 stickied for 9/30/07? Thanks.


very cool idea, never understood what secret code words or back alley bags of cash trades where needed to get something sticky but now I know :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work !


I understand now why FRXI wasn’t stickied yet. I can wait my turn. It is 6 months away. I would disagree with you javi when you rate FR as a “large” tournament, and not a major. Of course I’m bias, but check out the % of people coming to fr the past 3 years. We have had the biggest turnout in the nation for 3S, GG, and tekken for the past 3 years for a non evo event. Most of eastcoast thinks of FR as a true major and people come from all across the usa to attend FR. Its not just a big tournament in the southeast. FinalRound has surpass that years ago. I respect your opinion because you are an OG in the community, but I respectfully disagree with FR rating. Like I said before I’m kinda bias when it comes to FR, but I’m sure there’s a lot of people that feel the sameway I do about FR.


There will be a small Tekken 5 DR Tournament at the Tilt in Brownsville at the Sunrise Mall on 10/13/07, can you “sticky” that for me? Thank you!


I have a thread posted "Brownsville Street Fighter 2nd Impact Tournament"
its probably going to be a smallish tournament, can you sticky that for me?Thank you! we are really hoping to make it bigger, especially since its 2nd impact , its old and classic, so thats’s why it still rules. People dont seem to take appreciation in older games because they are old, but hey, its how 3rd strike came to be, without 2nd impact there would’ve never been a 3rd strike.


just to be sure…NEC and Final Rounds are Majors right?


What the Hell, I hate how suddenly nothing else is a major anymore. What are the majors then? EVO and thats it? MWC, ECC, NEC, FR, EVO, etc. those are majors, people travel to them, thats how things work, regardless of turnout, they are majors and popular enough to be abbreviated and people still know what they are.

merdoc, are you potentially some Dynolius??


It would be nice to get a sticky on my thread named “T5 Tourney 11/10 @ SoR Gaming Wilmington, Delaware”



Yo, this is DancingFighterG. I would like to have my tournament

C3: Fall Frenzy




can i get stickied please?

norman, OK, 11/17/07


or not… =(


Please :frowning:


if Javi isn’t around…just PM me. Javi is a busy man, so forgive him if he doesn’t respond.


So what are you complaining about again? :looney: