Tournament DVD's what do you want on it?

Hi everybody a friend and I recently started a production company (3am House Party Prod.) are main thing is going to be the production of fighting game dvd’s. What we want to know is what do you want to see on the dvd of the fighting game tournament


I want to see top 16, direct feed, interviews

So post away and let us know what you want to see on these dvd’s. Also is price a big issue when it comes to dvd’s? Eventho I am trying to keep dvd prices well within reason, what price is everyone looking for?

The final 16 people playing with crowd reactions. Bonus matches dont have to be highest quality, but. the more matches, the better.

getting crowd noise can f up sometimes would buying or not buying a dvd for you be decided on crowd noise?

crowd noise is nice but its not essential. Id buy a dvd if the quality is good, its compatible with 99% of players and well priced.

Giving the atmosphere of the tournament like just walk around with the camera talkin to different people and interviews would be nice. I like having crowd noises but if you get it in then it’s not a big deal

keep em coming ppl this thread is ment to help you

I think crowd noises would be nice especially if it’s direct feed. The best type of production would be if the dvd allows for the user to be able to turn the crowd noise on or off, also would be cool to have match commentaries and also have the on or off feature. Price should be reasonable and not that crazy $50 per dvd that the Japan ones cost, even though the production on those is real nice and clean, it really doesn’t have any bonus stuff. Any type of bonus stuff is appreciated and it doesn’t have to be all matches, as long as the final 16 is on there and a few best bouts from the rest of the tournament if possible. It’s hard to record every single match in a big tournament though. Even the little editing sequences between matches like the ones you see in the SBO dvds where they show a picture of the competitors and the members in the team whatnot is very professional. And also showing footage of the players reactions between rounds like how the TS5 and SBO dvd’s are done. GL with your company!

Can’t say much that hasn’t been said already, but I wouldn’t mind direct feed/crowd reaction and button pressing audio feeds in there. Sometimes just hearing them smacking those buttons helps others with their timing, depending on that player’s technique. That’s how I first learned JFs in T4, TZ had vids with only the button tapping.

produce the dvds on time lol evo2k5 owned lol :expressionless:

Well putting the audio on 2 diff tracks could ruin overall sound quality (I cant seem to keep them stereo without making it mono). Turnaround time we are looking at is 6-8 weeks so I see no issues there. Anything else? Something you saw on another dvd you did not like?

I like the play by play action of the fighting like in the FFA videos.

I’m sorry but at the moment there is no plans for commentary because one who do you really get to do commentary two not everyone likes that

Although you just said no commentary, I think an option feature to have the players commentating on their own matches (discussing what they were thinking during the match) would be really cool and extremely useful.

The last 3s 5 on 5 Coop Cup DVD was damn near perfect.

It had good menu’s, lots of content (about 40-50 matches), and commentary and crowd noise option for grand finals. It lacked interviews and extras, but that’s ok. I really like crowd noise, because it really captures the whole atmosphere of the event, but I can do without them.

So what I want mainly is: final 16 with a best bout section, even if the quality is lower), interviews and extras if possible.

What is the cost range that everyone is expecting?

the TX showdown 5 dvd’s were $50 for 8 dvd’s (18+ hours). seemed like a good deal, but for 2 or 3 of them, i only watched them once or twice, because i dont really care about some games. i think that it would be nice if you could pick and choose which games/discs you wanted to buy. maybe for 10-15 dollars each, or something more expensive than if you bought them in a bundle?

edit: now that i think about it, $50 for 8 discs was a damn good deal. they were out in less than 3 months (maybe less, i cant remember) after the tourney as well.

to bad the ts5 dvds worked on like no dvds players i had no sound on 3s top 8 the 3s dvds wouldn’t even work on bacardi’s dvd player and you HAD to buy all 8 just to get em i only wanted 3s and cvs2 i had to buy every game

20 dollars per, just like ‘real’ dvds. Less as a ‘collection’.


real dvd’s have alot involved in their creation process, lets say a movie studio asks for 275k dvd’s made, they will get made at .25 each because they own their own print plant for mass production. They have companies put money into them to have “trailers” before the movie some pay extra so you cant skip them. So they are making dvd’s at virtually no cost for high profit unfortunately I dont own my own print that is something I have worked out. But good news is I have 1-2 alternatives to keep the costs down to make them more affordable cuz I must agree current dvd costs for tourney dvd’s are way to much