Tournament Edition Arcade Sticks Pics

Not sure if these have been posted elsewhere but I own four different tournament arcade sticks and will be happy to post their pics. If i am able to borrow or buy another I will post those as well. I hope people will appreciate these along with the detailed post by d3v on the different TE sticks available.

I am on my way to class right now and will edit this post by adding the sticks description along with the rest of the pics.

Admins: Any chance of making this a sticky?

First one up: Chun Li Limited Editon

All pictures are copyright protected by Saad Khan Photography.

If you want to use these pictures elsewhere, please just ask, I’ll be more than likely to oblige, depending on how and where they’re being used. Thanks!

Ryu Ken

there is already a sticky in tech talk with over 20,000 posts