Tournament Edition Fightstick Disconnects from Xbox when Moving Up to Upright

I need help with this if you guys don’t mind. This T.E. fightstick was modded with an 8-way gate and, as you can see, a bubbletop…

As you can see, it has issues:


What should we be looking at? What would cause this and how would we fix it?

Was it dual modded with anything?

Nope. Only changes from stock were the GT-Y gate and bubbletop.

You should try it on a PC to see how it behaves when you do it (overcurrent?), but otherwise you need to get ahold of madcatz to get it fixed/replaced.

I’ve had this problem when I first got my TE. Just give Madcatz a call and they should fix it for you, you’ll just have to pay to ship it and then wait about two weeks :confused: