Tournament edition malfunction (searched already)

Hi all, i’ve read the stickies and even searched the threads and also tried IRC but no one would respond so my only hope is here.

My problem is the actual joystick on the PS3 TE is not working at all. The buttons work fine but the joystick doesn’t register at all. And this was after i took a week break from SF4. So i absolutely have no idea what might’ve happened if i haven’t touched it for a week.

I’ve already voided the warranty by opening it up so i was wondering what are my options… because this is first report of a problem like this that i’ve seen. Usually the whole thing breaks down…

any valuable help appreciated thanks.

Look at the LS, DP, RS Switch.
Set to DP.

omg thank you so much. i didn’t even think that switch had any bearing.

i changed it to DP and it worked.