Tournament Edition Modification Issues

I found a PS3 PCB TE Shell for $25 and went on to clean it up and gut it around to modify it for my uses. After disassembling everything and a few trial and error issues, I have a few questions as to what exactly to do next with the shell.

  • What exactly are the screw and nut sizes for all of the parts avaliable? When attempting to disassemble the whole case, certain nuts and screws were stripped or broken in some manner, and I am not sure what exactly these sizes are. I would rather replace every screw, bolt, and nut as they are rusting apart anyways.

  • Due to my (un)crafty dremel skills, when I attempted to dremel out a hole in the back of the cord compartment, I ended up drilling part of the wire away on accident. Being that I was planning to replace the PCB with a Paewang one anyways from 32teeth’s example, I wasn’t too concerned, but I do have to wonder what exactly is salvagable from it? The only parts that have been cut apart in any way is the actual USB cord and some of the wiring that led to the PCB which controlled the 30mm buttons. Would it just be okay to cut and replace certain parts or would I have to get a new PCB altogether?

pictures say a lot more than words…