Tournament Edition PCB - How reliable is it?

Just got my TE stick. I’m pretty happy with it, but very concerned about the lack of quality madcatz is known for.

just wondering how many of you guys with TE sticks have had problems, particularly with the PCB.

I’ve had no problems at all.

Is there any truth to the thought that PCBs for the 360 TE are bad (or can be worse as compared to the PS3)?

The PCB on my TE is bad – so is the one on my SE. Both are going back for fixing. It’s hard to get a gauge on overall reliability, though. My advice is to stay as far away from Mad Catz as possible. I’ve had a terrible experience. Other experiences differ.

0 issues with either the SE I sold and the TE I have now.

I’ve had my SE since a week after SFIV launch and I’ve had no problems with it. Same for my TE, with the exception of the Home button not responding 100% of the time.

Edit: I do have the PS3 version though.

Not really a pcb guru but my thoughts are that with anything that goes into production there are going to be good and bad yields. Overall I haven’t heard anything around the net about a lot of bunk pcbs so far. I wouldn’t mind if the ps3 te acutally worked with my pc as well but thats a different gripe.

ive got 2 TEs (360) and 2 SEs (360 and PS3)… one TE and both SEs are launch ones too… and to date havent had any issues at all… just received the other TE recently and not too sure if its a later run or not but havent had issues …

Having a small problem with my TE… but don’t feel like sending it in for 4 weeks. Once every couple of hours the stick stops responding entirely and I have to unplug and then plug it back in.

Some others with problems: