Tournament Edition S Review


[media=youtube]AIohXEYRv4Y[/media]. This guy got it a week ago. . .


Hah, looks nice. Yet. There’s something about it that I just don’t like…


Yeah, the sides on the “Old” TE just gave it a more professional look while the colored buttons and artwork make it look more kiddy. Which is why I love the Round 2, simple and sexy.


double post


Yes very. Only upgrade that I know I like forsure. Is that the artwork is now full and no more bezel to match up with the entire artwork


Not really feeling the S edition… you still have the option on the TE and Round 2 to do the full artwork as well, or you can just stick with the bezel which is nice too. Basically looks like a TE without the sides.


I don’t like the square of colors look at all either, even just a simple rearrangement of the colors would have gone a long way to making it look better.


Damn microsoft for making madcatz use thay NASTY color scheme on the buttons.


^^ Ya there’s that,

but I really think this new TE looks fugly. Why you gotta make it look like the last masterpiece was a lucky accident?


Haha, it was lucky! because they are going with the “Slim” look now to go along with the game. Ugly Stick = Ugly Game? Hope not…


I prefer the Round 2

I still have the first gen though.

I like how it comes with the plexi. But, wish it still had the sides.


Thanks for posting this

I have gotten my buttons and my ball top in the mail

I’m just waiting on arthong to lighten his work load so he can send me a full or extended plexi and see if it fits to show all those who are interested

Stay tuned


I got a TE for the 360 then just ordered a TE Round 2 lastnight for my ps3, I didn’t even know that a S edition was available. Been away from this forum for awhile but a guy on ebay mentioned something about the S edition so I came yesterday to see what it was all about. Got a pretty good deal on for a brand new round 2 that I couldn’t pass up, $140 CAD including shipping. Hopefully I get some time to mod both of them. I got quite a few buttons and meshball tops, the next thing I need to get is some custom plexi and dust washers from art. I plan on getting SSF IV for ps3, anyone know how the online is for SFIV? They should have redesigned the S edition to make it a totally different looking stick rather then pretty much recycling parts and calling it a new stick. Still you can’t go wrong with it, hopefully its reliable :slight_smile:


Don’t wanna disagree for the sake of disagreeing but in all honesty I like the new TE a lot. All black of course. The buttons are aiight. I’m going to replace the 2 Dark Hai colored ones on the HP and HK buttons with one pink and one white or orange. Multi colored ugliness :slight_smile: Then two plugs are going into the last 2 holes.


The video review is kinda shit but I really like the overal clean look of the S version and it being a bit less bulky in general, the plexi also takes up most of the surface so the art will always look just a little bit more awesome. In my opinion this also makes the stick more flexible for swapping to any art style be it extreme detail with button art or a minimal clean look, it would all look great.
Looks like a new standard for case design if you’d ask me. And who here honestly cares about the button colours, you could always recycle them into a different project.


working pcb>boring design.


Yeah, this guy did the video so thanks man.


i tried watching the video, but all i heard was “uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh”