Tournament Edition Screw Problem


Hey guys, I tried using the search function and it gave me no help, so I’m making a post about a problem I just had. Today I went to gamecrazy after getting my tax refund check and I randomly asked if they had some arcade sticks in. They had 2 TE’s in, I bought them both, one to sell and one to use alongside my sanwa modded se stick.

I just installed a sanwa battop and octagonal restrictor plate on one of the te sticks, and I ran into a problem. One of the top cabinet screws had the washer fall out. I had to unscrew all the bottom plate, take it off, get the washer, then I found out the only thing keeping the washer’s on the top 6 in place was a sorta floating washer held in place with some of that red glue stuff. I ended up taking some printer paper, folding it a million times, cutting it down twice, sticking it in so it held the washer in place while I carefuly screwed it all together with an allen wrench.

It’s only a temp fix for now, I can’t say I know of a perm solution to this one. Is there something I don’t know? Because if this is it, then I wont be able to take the top off at will. I just bought the damn thing too. Guess I’m selling the good one hahaha… Anyway, if someone could give me a heads up on if theres a solution to this I really do appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


Yes it is a huge design flaw of the TE stick imo. For this reason alone I wasted so many hours when I did a dual mod for someone a few weeks ago. I don’t work with that stick anymore because those nuts are so stupid.


I don’t own a TE, but I can envision the proble. I suppose you could get some epoxy putty and stick some of it on the outside of the nuts and let it harden around them. That way when you take the top panel screws off the nuts will stay in place. I am sure the empxy putty will hold them better than the useless red gel MadCatz uses.


I’m having a lot of trouble finding the right tool to take off the top template screws i’ve tried a bunch of screwdrivers but none of them seem to work.


that’s because it’s a metric allen/hex key fitting.


Damn, so theres really no way around it at all? I was thinking I could put in some apoxy or something but I’m scared I will mess it up and have it stuck in the wrong position forever…


madcatz is fail


That’s why I suggested the putty. It’s easy to knead and apply, and won’t set for an hour or so, so it you do mess up, you can wipe it off before it sets up. I love that stuff (except the smell).


The top plate nuts are held in place by plastic prongs. If you overtorque the bolts when screwing the top plate on, you could pull the nuts out. The bolts barely need to be tightened down, don’t go crazy on them.

If a nut falls out the very first time you open the top plate, that means someone at the factory screwed something up and MadCatz should fix it for you.


Send a TE back to madcatz? I’m not that crazy o.o;; I’ll just have to deal with it, ill try that putty as well.


I’d prolly just epoxy the nut back into place and go easy with the bolt.


Does anybody have pictures of these parts. My TE also has this problem but this happened the first time I opened it so I think it’s a factory defect. What would I need to take off to be able to Crazy Glue the washer back on?

I’m not sure how I feel about sending it back to Mad Catz, I think I may be able to fix it better than them.


I just noticed one of mine fell off this morning, I haven’t messed with it yet but I have a few ideas I’m going to try. modeling glue (the kind that melts the plastic) Hot Glue, and super glue.


Mine didn’t even have anything like that inside, though my stick is so beat up and destroyed that god knows what they were doing with it at the factory.


I wonder if this was designed by MadPussieZ to tell if you opened up the case :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t put it past them.