Tournament edition stick? in canada?

hey im new here but not new to street fighter. I was using gamepad for all my life but i heard sticks are better? I used them in the arcades but they were screwed. The TE stick looks sooo sick, how much is it? Is it coming to Canada? cause we have ebgames here not gamestop. I read some of the official thread but its effin huge.

Anyone know? ps. Who can’t wait to play online, i can’t wait to own so many noobs lol. Raging demon their ass all day haha. jk. Anyone?

Canada, as always, is better supplied on sticks than any where else. You don’t need to have pre-ordered a one like everyone else, just go down to your local Mounty office to pick one up.

? we don’t like in igloos either man. Seriously, if they are supplied can i go to futureshop?

We Canadians are getting the sticks. the TE stick will be available in march (mid to late is what ive been told). But dont expect to be able to pick one up in store. Preorders are sold out where ive been to ask, and bestbuy says they arent getting them at all. Even if you do find it, itll be 200$ msrp. SE sticks are also sold out of preorders where ive looked, but it couldnt hurt to try. It doesnt seem like BB FS et al will be getting them, id scour all the EBs and other stores in the are though. It couldn’t hurt to try.

happy hunting…

seeing as though our thread in the canada region forum got locked, I should give my two cents here.

I remember 3 years ago, when metal gear solid 3 subsistence came out, the commotion regarding the LE version. I remember initially that a SKU was in the system and that it was available for preorder. Then some time later, word got out that EB wouldn’t be getting any of them, which led to many people including myself to switch to standard. A few days after MGS3:S was released, I remember I visited a local EB and lo and behold, a copy of MGS3S LE was on the shelf.

Although there’s no confirmation at this point, we can only hope that a similar case will happen with the TE sticks and that each EB will get at least 1 on or near launch.


Wow, that sucks for you man about MGS3. Although I didn’t find that I had that problem with my pre-order on that game.

However, I do agree that places like EB are gonna get at least 1 or 2 in stock in certain locations. No way are they getting 1 every store though. BC stick players are sorely lacking in ways to get what we need unless we order online and pay through the nose with import costs. Even though we have plenty of arcades where I’m living xD

oh no worries man. I actually talked to the manager when i saw it, and he let me pay the extra 10 bucks ($39.99 Standard and $49.99 LE) , opened the LE up and swapped my opened copy of subsistence with the sealed one. it was great!
too bad the existence disc wasn’t very good, so I ended up selling it on ebay for about $180 US so that was good.
It would be a wonderful day if I receive the call on EB to pick up the LE game AND the stick…:lovin:

Ugh I’m kinda worried since I called the two EBs near me and both said the SE sticks are sold out from pre-orders, unless they get shipped extra, which I am hoping for.

That plus the fact that they don’t get SFIV til the 18th is rather annoying -.-

@singh You might want to try they seem to have the pads and SE up for preorder. not sure how reliable they are in terms of their gaming stuff … but worth a shot.

yea… and the 18th… having to wait for the actual release day… such a shame…grins

I’m probably going to drive around to like Blockbuster or even to Pacific Mall and see if any of them have it on the 17th (though I doubt they’ll have the sticks).

I’ll check Tigerdirect, hopefully they have it, if not I’ll have to pray and hope an EB gets extra.

Hmm it’s 94 bucks at Tiger Direct (Not including taxes, shipping), anyone know how much the SE at EB etc?


which… sucks i guess… but after currency conversion its only 1$ more expensive than in the states… so… shrugs

Hmm 100 bucks, I may consider that since when you include shipping and taxes from tigerdirect it works out to be 130…

is very true… theyre located near woodbine and steeles if youre close enough to pick it up, could at least help with the cost. If I were you id want one preordered somewhere though, I just really dont think stores will have them available for walk-ins.

For you and those still looking though… I hope im wrong.

Hmm, I talked to the guys at Tigerdirect, they’re not even sure when they would get the sticks, so that leaves me a bit wary.

I might try and go get one from EB, but it depends on how long it would take from Mad Catz to get another shipment in of the sticks. If the restock time is short, I’d wait, if it’s long I’ll take my chances with Tigerdirect.

Does anyone have any knowledge on how fast Mad Catz intends to restock the standard stick?

Also, I live in Pickering, it really isn’t that close.