Tournament Fees for Mortal Kombat 9

Ive been noticing that the amount of players entering Mortal Kombat tournaments is dwindling, so the few players I have that still come want to raise the tournament fees for MK to make it worth their while. In your guys opinion would a $20 tournament fee (all the money goes back to the players) entice you more to practice and join MK9 tournaments?

God no. $20 would not make me want to play the game anymore. I mean, I’m alright at the game but I can’t just throw down $20 to play the game in tournament. That’s like a major’s venue fee.

well then we need more people to play it around here in tournies. We only had 5 people for sunday.

I’ve been playing this exclusively lately. My problem is I’ve been working Sunday’s due to my wedding coming up. 2 months and I’m in there. Get hype for Freddy!

Ciggs good luck on the marriage!!! Just trying this worthwhile to ppl who travel a hour to play 8 ppl

Your logic is backwards, if you want more people to enter then you lower the entry fee.

The logic is fine. Would you rather enter for 10 and possibly make 50 or enter for 20 and possibly make 100? id rather go for 100. Until more people show up

Where are these tournaments located?

Stratford, CT

Are they all PDP?

PDP? o_O

Do you use the Performance Design Products Mortal Kombat fight stick? Or the regular controllers and which system? Xbox or ps3

All tournaments, unless stated otherwise, are BYOC (bring your own controller) for their respective systems.

In the interest of having more people enter, I think it should be $10. A lot of people will pass if it is $20.