Tournament Flier, Opinions?


Alright, It’s not so much a flyer as a design I’m gonna put on a bunch of 4x6s. I just want to know what you guys think

Also the text will most likely be changed in the final version (Feb 23rd instead of 22nd, Cash Prizes! instad of Money Prize for 1st and 2nd)


I would definitely put “Street Fighter 4” in bold lettering. This next thing is just nitpicking, but you might want to actually spell out the roman numeral “IV” too. I think that makes things more “authentic” :slight_smile:

Lower the opacity on Ken and Ryu, and make sure they don’t overlap any lettering. That is, unless they are really, really transparent in the printouts.

When you put in “Cash Prizes”, I think you should also take the liberty of increasing the size of your address and phone number. Maybe even put it in a different font to make sure people get all that information.

I hope your tournament goes well!


Since it is a Street Fighter IV tournament you really should use SFIV art instead of STHD art.


Put the time the tournament starts on there so people know when to show up. I would also take out or shrink that striped background border since it cuts the text up, strangely crosses over Ryu and Ken, and doesn’t do to much to really excentuate the main points.

A Street Fighter 4 pic would be better too. There are some great pictures on this site- Its free to sign up.

I would suggest the one on page 5 with Sagat busting out a Tiger Knee, but thats just my preference. :lovin:

You also don’t have to center the text. Centered text can be easy to ignore. This is the one we used for Northwest Majors last June-

The text runs along the side and matches the shape of Ryu’s body. You can do some cool stuff matching the text to the pics.


So here’s the final. What do you guys think?

Considering doing a “real” Sev7en Events logo and sticking it on there.


I have a few tips that I think will help, but it is all ultimately up to you.

  • I think “Street Fighter 4 Tournament” needs to be the biggest thing on your poster, because that is what you are advertising. It is the most important thing you want to get across, and what is going to draw everyones attention to the rest of the flyer. Right now Sev7en Events is the biggest thing and its right in the middle. You want people to think “STREET FIGHTER!!” as soon as they see the poster.

  • The background is limiting a lot of what you can do with the poster. It is controlling the entire poster right now, and that is bad because it is just a background. It is not the most important thing. It has nothing to do with Street Fighter, it makes your text and pictures hard to see, and it is limiting where you can put your text on the page. Try taking it out and just putting a gradient behind it. At the very least everything will be easier to see and read, and you will free yourself up for bigger font or different spacing.

  • A lot of imporant info is stuck together which makes it kind of hard to read. When people pass by flyers, they look at them for about 1 1/2 seconds. That’s it. You are “asking” people to read this, hoping they will see it at a passing glance. They need to be able to get all the info they can in a second, or the most imporant info needs to be highlighted. I would suggest ordering it like this.

Hope that helps and it wasn’t too critical. Bottom line is, people are looking at this for 2 seconds at most. They need to be able to see everything in a second, and the most imporant stuff must come first. If they want more info like addresses, they can pursue it on the website. This is only meant to get their attention.

Good Luck.


BrentoBox makes some really great points, especially about how cluttered your information is.

Scrap the existing background because it is what keeps your information so squished. Use a single character picture from SFIV, like suggested above, and then wrap your text around him/her. It’ll make for something much more clean and eye-catching.


i don’t think it really catches the persons eye…

i think a good way to do it is make 2 different fliers…

#1: Street Fighter 4 Logo with the tournament details.
#2: A Street Fighter Character with the tournament details.

(I would pick Ryu because he’s the first character to come to mind when you think of Street Fighter for most people)

I’m working on 2 fliers myself…when finished I will post them up…I’m going to keep it nice and simple nothing too fancy


This is my first one. It’s one with a character to attract people. I’m going for a simple look. Let me know how it is. Let me know if there is anything else I should add or take away.

This is my second one. It’s just a logo with the tournament details. Please let me know what you think.



Hey Chronik. I like how your information isn’t to cluttered and your use of only 1 font for the text. I really prefer the second poster a lot more. The logo and Ryu both being squished doesn’t come across well on the first one.

Also, you may want to try not centering your text. I know it seems weird for text to not be right in the center for people to read, but it can really work well. It will also leave you space to put in a picture which will help grab people attention.


thanks for the tip…i’m gonna look it over and see if i should do some changes

edit: new and improved…



I’m right with BrentoBox about your info. It’s to the point and uncluttered. He’s also correct that centered text isn’t that attractive.

The linked fliers I see right now have the text staggered, not centered, but it looks messy. You don’t have to center the text, but make it uniform.

I also like Brento’s compliment on you using only one font type. My only suggestion for that would be to mess with the properties (bold/italic) of that font to emphasize certain points of information, such as the date of the tournament and the location hosting the event.

This is really, really rough, but it’ll give you an idea of what I’m thinking:


ok will do a little editing tomorrow…thanks guys


Alright, I’ll revise it when I get home, try to make it a bit more concise.


Osirun’s guide is great. It is a basic layout, but will be really effective. You can branch out and try some other stuff, but this will definitely do well.

Side note- Don’t squish pictures or logos. Make them work somehow, but never warp them.


Okay, I have 2 designs and I’m leaning toward the first one
What do you guys think

Ignore the border gap in the 2nd one

What do you guys think?


A shameless bump.


I’m digging that first one, for sure! A big improvement in all areas. My only issue is with the date. It seems squished up against the SFIV logo.

I would also consider changing some font sizes (not font type!) to get emphasis on some of the more important information like date, location, and entry fees.

Overall, very nice Sev7en.


Thank you, and yeah at it does look somewhat scrunched, but as of now they are printed and in stores, what can you do, lol.


Hey man this is Exist from team kapital, I def like the flyer bro!

And a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUge shout out to shoutzilla and mix-up…oh and Ozzy!