Tournament Format for this game?

I imagine that KOF tournaments are run double-elimination like any other game. (I think CvS2 was too. How was that run? I imagine KOF is ran the same way.) But are the matches best two out of three games, or just one? If it’s best of three games, I can see there being a problem with the tournament taking too long due to the 3-on-3 format. A match could be as many as 15 rounds.

At STA, we’ve run KOF XIII tournaments for about 6 months now. We usually finish a 12-14 man bracket in around 6 hours. If that’s long, I figure you could do something else. You could check out our format at if you’re curious.

^ its worth noting that these tournaments were run on a single setup… so if you have multiples, shouldnt take nearly as long!

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Thanks peeps, this is very helpful info since I intend to run a KOF13 in a week. So assuming that KOF tournaments run the same way as any other fighting games, double elimin, each match best of three games, finals are best of 5?

Watching the IPW streams from Southtown, the matches actually don’t feel like they are much longer than SFIV matches (and, of course, everything feels long compared to Marvel 3). Maybe it is because the rounds are only 60 seconds? idk

Not just the 60-second timer. The single-hit damage is also a lot higher than in games like SF4 because the damage scaling is much less intense. It’s also much faster and more practical to set up fierce hits to start damaging combos because of things like running attacks, low jump attacks, fast close heavy normals, run punishes into said normals, and much more frequent knockdowns and resets to create fierce/counter hit opportunities. So it’s a combination of a lot of different things adding up to a faster, more aggressive game (that I will still play as lame as practically possible).

Discussion in our group (Dublin, Ireland) is that we’ll do double-elimination, single game until we get better, as at casuals games were taking 4-5mins each.
Though it may be FT2 double-elim or single-elim depending on the number of entrants (usually 20+ during the first few months)

So it got brought up tonight here, what’s the consensus on winner being able to change team order? We figured winner can’t change team order even if the loser re-picks their team, but I could see arguments for it. What will the national rule set be?

winner can change order in kof

Since when?
Every East Coast tournament I’ve seen (including Final Round) has done “winner canNOT change order”.

Really? I thought that didn’t matter at all. Only winner can not change characters. Every KOF tournament I’ve been in the midwest never exercised a ‘not changing order’ rule… Sometimes changing your order can either be advantageous or it can kill you…

i dont think you should count smaller side tourneys. socal, mexico and europe (at least france and the uk) all allow winner order change

With the release of the console the scene should get bigger even with 2012 arcade edition coming out

Final Round isn’t a “smaller side tourney”. We had the biggest KOF tournaments in the country until KOF13.

Is there an actual precedent for this before KOF13?
Because every single one I’ve been to has been Winner can’t change order, which in itself carries over from the CvS2 days.

Looks like a house/region rule.

Try settling this now so you have the format ready for EVO.

every major double elim tourney in those countries i listed have run it that way. the answer, khannibal and 1up were the ones i’ve asked and they can confirm.

Well, that’s part of the problem as the SNK community was a completely sporadic disaster until KOF13 came out.

I think we should really have a community vote on it. Not here, mind you, but on Orochinagi and Dreamcancel, etc.

So everyone is for “Allow Winner Change Order”?

Yes, that’s how it is in the arcades.