Tournament Games

Got another question for everyone, this one is a little easier so I think most of you can handle it. As someone new to the fighting game genre in general, I’ve been wondering two things. Firstly, which games can I find tournaments for the most, since I really don’t want to practice on a game for weeks and then realise nobody but some Albanian kid half way across the planet actually plays it. I’m assuming 3S and SFII are two popular ones, but what about non-Street Fighter?

Secondly, how exactly do I find out about such tournaments/events in my area? I live in London and I’m really clueless as to where I should start searching. I’m guessing I can find some random players at Trocadero in Oxford Circus, but is there any annual events and stuff for UK players? Thanks in advance to those who take the time to answer these properly.

its posted on the front page of srk…

also try looking at tournament events forum

popular games…GG, Arcana, insert some SNK game here (don’t even know what’s getting played right now…probably UM), and the usual capcom stuff. As far as tournaments can’t help you there

Ah, that Battle of Destiny site looks interesting, thanks. I heard about Arcana Hearts but it’s not out in the UK yet and the hassle of importing it, then picking up a Swap Magic disc to play it on my PS2 sounds like a pain. I’ve been looking into the Guilty Gear XX games as they seem cool also, but not sure if they’re actually ‘popular’ enough to find challengers on. I think worst case scenario I’ll fall back on Capcom vs SNK or Marvel vs Capcom as both names seem to crop up often.

Not Every game is popular in every area. Take NC for example. We’re a lot more willing to play SNK games then the rest of the US, but we’re a lot less willing to play VF, ST, or Marvel.

Whereas the west coast might play more Capcom games and less non-Capcom games.

It’s all regional.

You’ll find plenty of 3rd Strike competition at the Troc.

Nemphtis get yourself over to

Its the Uk equivalent of We are also the same people responsible for battle of destiny.

We have a thriving Guilty gear community in the UK, so make sure you check out the guilty gear board on the site.

Cool, will add it to my bookmarks for later browsing. Oh and Arstal, that regional thing seems confusing as shit, looks like it’s going to take me a while just to see who the hell is playing what around my area. I only play 3S at the moment, and that’s just because my friends at Uni all get together for games after classes so we have a lot of friendly competition.