EDIT: Round 2 Guys, the 2nd SSF4 Tourney To be held at FANATIX has been announced!!!

EVENT NAME - SuperStreet Fighter 4 Fanatix, Round 2.

LOCATION - Dothan, Alabama @ FANATIX (Southeast Alabama’s Premier Gaming/Hobby Center),+Dothan,+AL+36303&geocode=CYCp-5PZznT0FZCN3AEd2Gjo-g&z=16

DATE - September 4th, 2010 @ 5:00 sharp. Registration closes at 4:45!!!

Some Basic Guidelines:
To be played on XBOX 360s
You ARE allowed bring your own controller.
You ARE NOT allowed to use Turbo settings.
Brackets will be determined upon sign up, names matched up at random.
Double Elimination.
10$ Entry Fee (7$tourny/3$venue)

Pot = 70/20/10


For more info and to register online visit us at the FB link and go to the events page!!!

Thanks for your time!

Anyone from AL on SRK?!?

I’m from AL; don’t know if I can make it, but I’ll try.

Tourney in my hometown? Hell yeah, I’ll be there.

Awesome! We look forward to seeing anyone who can make it!

Show some support and add us on facebook! :smile::smile:

I’m from dothan… Where is this place exactly located by chance???

Hey! We will be in the big lots shopping center, right beside TCBY

I tried to link it from google maps in my first post if anyone needs directions. :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump, this thing got buried while we were busy working on the shop!

The store is looking great everyone, hope to see some great competition at this event!!!:bgrin:

I’m tryin to get some people to come from Troy. I’ll more than likely be there barring having to work that Saturday.

awesome, hope you can make it!! we have around 15 confirmed participants, and no telling how many walk ups, should be a great day of gaming :china:

Next saturday!!! Come on down (Or up) To FANATIX!

Hats off to FANATIX for hosting the tourney. There was really good tournout. Hope you guys can keep a gaming scene going down south there. The match videos I got are online at my YouTube page, YouTube - phantomryu’s Channel.

Thanks man! There will be another one soon enough.

Thanks to all who came!

Round 2 Guys, SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Not sure if I can make it, but I’m gonna do my best.

All day all day!