Tournament Help and Abel U2

Tomorrow I’ll be competing in Indy’s “big” annual tournament and I’d really like to represent rog well.

Any recommendations or new technology would be very helpful or if you guys just have any advice at all. Anything you really enjoy doing, anything you want to remind me of. Guess I’m just asking if I’ve missed anything in the last 3 months when I’ve sort of been MIA from the scene.

I know it’s sort of vague but any help is appreciated.

Specifically, I lost to this abel player last year that wud just u2 on me and I had no clue what to do. If i was next to him when he activated id jump (not close enough to jump over), and then hed catch me when I landed. If i was far I’d wait and try to react but then I’d be too late. I will literally kick the shit out of myself if by some coincidence I play this guy again and lose to his abel so help about what to do would be great, specifically if i dont have charge.


i dunno if Abel’s U2 is as much of an issue as it was in Super. AFAIK, it just has 8f of invincibility and no throw invincibility or some stuff. I’d recommend going in the lab and trying to safe jump it etcetera. I’m almost 100% sure it’s nothing to be worried about anymore. It got nerfed/modded to hell.

I just mash on backdash and that works. But it depends when they release breathless. If i get a KD and have ultra or super, I’ll jump in on abels wakeup. Why? Because if he does u2, that gives you more charge time for the super/ultra. The ultra flash gives you even more time to charge up. When you land just do the rest of the motion.

With backdashing he can get you on your recovery, but like i said, that never happened to me

Bit late to the party, good luck in the tourny (Unless it’s happened already, in which case it’d be nice if there were recordings of it, maybe?)

As for Abel, typical standard rule was to save SUPER, seeing as the Abel Matchup doesn’t really require meter from Rog, and Super/Ultra at any distance would beat U2 regardless, supposedly. I’m also pretty sure, as far as Super was concerned, that they enjoyed using Super cancel meaties on Abel’s Wakeup (If he went for Ultra in this scenario, same deal, you just cancel to Super) - Ontop of that I will assume it’s also a reason why max distance meaty TAPS were being used a lot - Though I’m sure doing the same with Torpedo would work for when you’re afraid of being “Taken for a spin” if he had EX Meter to burn.

All above is speculation based purely on old hearsay. I’ve not actually fought many Abel’s in AE who even bother with U2 anymore.

To add a bit to what Rope said about TT, keep the ranges in mind for TT, ex has range in between lp and mp. With TAP, if you do it max distance where you hit with the tip like usual, you can hit him, but he’s still out of range for TT. To beat it, he has to jump, do Ultra or have REALLY good reactions with I think he can also, but don’t quote me.