Tournament In A Week (XBL Sign-Ups)


Hey all. I am hosting a tournament for the fun of it. Im just trying to keep the community on there toes and keeping everyone in the community together. Its not for a prize or anything. Just to game and have fun. So here are the rules( Not alot )

-No Gems

-The matches will all be a best of 3 except for the finals which will be a best of 5.
-The tournament will be a double elimination tournament.
-Brackets will be made by random.

Thats all the rules for now I also might change the rules depending on what kind of rules you guys want to go by.

Note: This is for Xbox Live Players ONLY!!

If you would like to sign up please do below with your gamertag below. I will also need a cohost for this tournament. This might be the first of many. So anyways this is the date and time for the tournament

Saturday, September 8th, 8pm Eastern Time.

Thanks all if you have any questions or conerns please post on here or contact me on xbox live. My gamertag is Sleazyness. Thanks guys.


Nice initiative, but to ban characters on the basis of “People complain about them being the cheapest characters on the game” is not something you should do. Then again, it is your tournament and your rules, so do what you think is right.


I probably will not ban them. So would you like to join? If so get some people on XBL to sign up too. : )


I am sorry, but I am from Norway, and the tournament will be at 03:00 am in my country. Good luck!


Well what time would be suitable for you? I want it so that US and others can all be up at the same time?


It’s not quite possible, our time zones are very different. For example, in many parts of America, your day begins when a lot of Europe would be asleep!