Tournament in Columbus, Ohio March 28

Fighting 101 Tournament

[CENTER]Sponsered by ITT

Street Fighter 4
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Tekken DR

Location: ITT of Hilliard
3781 Park Mill Run, Suite 1
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
Right off of the Cemetery Rd exit of I-270

Time: Doors open at 10:00 a.m., tournaments and other events will be going from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Admission: Only $5 per game with no entrance fee.

Prizes will be given out to all top winners of each tournament, while trophies presented by ITT will be given out to top three winners of all games.

It will be a B.Y.O.C. (bring your own controller) event, where all controllers are allowed except for modified controllers (I.E. shoulder mod for SSBB). Moded controllers are banned and will get you dissquilified without a refund.

Help will be needed and appreciated with TVs, sysyems, and games to make everything run smoothly. The more we have, the faster we can get through the tournaments, and if we have extra, casuals will be set up on the side.

If anyone has any questions, ideas, or would like to help, just PM me and I will try to get back with you ASAP.

By the way, if anyone does want to help with anything or wants to sign up early so I can start early (but not final) brackets, go ahead and post up.

I might be able to make this.

Any chance of running a Soul Calibur 4 tournament as well?

Try to post tournies farther in advance in the future – good to see a new face in gaming around here though.

You might want to add SF:HD to the list over CvS2 since almost no one plays that in OH anymore.

I’d try to come and help out but I’m busy that day, sorry. Best of luck.

What’s ITT?

It was a last minute posting on this site, but it was a little late. As for SF HD, I’ve already had a few people ask, I may go ahead and add it as a sixth game if interest is high enough and keep the option of eliminating CvS if there is not interest. Soul Calibur may be ran, but not sure as an official tournament, trying to keep this somewhat limited, but we’ll see DR4GO. As for new face, I wouldn’t call me new Ghaleon, just using a new tag for this site. Not hiding anything, just using a real tag. Anyway, thanks for the advice man, and ITT is the computer college on the Southwest side in Hilliard.

SC would prob have more interest than DR from random people.

Did you post on Smashboards? You could get a good share of attendees just from there I think.

Well personally speaking, I am actually coming for the DR tournament and I know there is some good DR players in the Columbus area so hopefully the turnout will be decent.

I am also actually trying to convince some friends from my area to come with me and most of them play SC IV, hence the request for the tournament.

Also you can just call me Drago or Phil…


I will still have DR there as the main game as planned, but I will also bring SC4 with no promises for prizes and what not right now. Based on interest in this tournament, maybe we’ll see more of SC next tournament coming up.

Can we set up our own games or what? What systems will various games be on?

which console is SF4 going to be on?

Ehh no thanks…

Systems will be decided based on what we have on hand. What I mean in example, the ideal setup for MvC is Dreamcast, but sadly if we don’t hae that available, we will be forced to use the Playstation version. On that note, Street Fighter 4 will be played on the P3, again unless we don’t have enough systems for that to be done. This is whys its important for everyone wanting to show up to chip in, so we don’t have to use crappy systems. As for other games, they can be setup, casuals will be placed off to the side and allowed all tournament if we have enough TVs to spare, but I can not offer any prizes for the tournaments at this time for extra games.

hahahahaha hell no this sucks

fuckin scrubs


Well, it’s on my girlfriends birthday…

…which I’m blowing off to go to the Crew’s home opener… so I’m out.

He’s offering a cash tourny. That’s pretty awesome IMHO.

Anyway, I may or may not be in Philly during this tourny. If I’m still in c-bus I’ll try to come. If I come I will bring my xbox 360, ps2 (not 3 sadly), wii, and a small tv. With any luck I would like to set up Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom or Arcana Heart (prep for AH2 release) casuals on the side.

If I do come I will participate in SF4 (to laugh at having my ass handed to me), and MVC2 (to laugh really really hard at having my ass handed to me). That being said, I don’t know that you’ll get any MVC2 people to come.

Do you have a flier? Post it up here and I can print a few off and take them to Play It Trade it on N. High. That’s bound to grab some fighting people!

Also you might want to mention yourself and your tourny in this thread. That’s the main C-bus matchmaking thread.

P.S. Is PS3 really the SFIV standard now? Seems like everyone I see has it on the 360… I know its being run on PS3 at EVO, but that’s because they run everything on PS3… Unless I get my custom stick built by then I would much prefer to play on the 360. I also realize that this is one of those “opinions are like ass-holes” things…

Thanks for the help Radical, if you can make it thats cool, if not then no worries man. We’ll need all the systems and TVs we can get. For SF4, it may be decided at the last moment (or end up being 360) because I’ve heard also that a lot of players have it on 360 more than PS3, so we’ll see. As for other tournies, I’ll set up anything else as long as people come to me in advance, Im down wiht anything.

Eh, I’ll be there.

No MK?

lol :frowning:

It has nothing to do with Evo, it has to do with controllers. Almost every fighting-game player has a PSX-compatible option for a controller, half or less of everyone has 360 sticks.

And a lot of players play PSX pad today, >1% play 360 pad. I for one play only play on a Saturn pad w/ PSX guts for instance on SF:HD.

Paladin, if this is a cash tourney you should advertise it as such – I only see trophies/prizes mentioned. Most people don’t wanna drive for those things even if they think they can win 1st.

Are converters going to be passed around? I have a 360/PSX stick, so as long as there are converters, I’ll come. Since this is pretty short notice, I probably won’t have time to install a cthulu or get a converter.

Also, I can bring a DC for Marvel/CvS2, if needed. I have both games. Hell, I might make a new Marvel mix.