Tournament in Concord "the 92fizzle" HDR/MVC2/sf4/BBreasts 9/27

just posting up the date. will post more soon. There might not be another one of these for HDR because I might be leaving the bay(ok maybe one next month for release of tekken)

2944 Concord blvd
Concord, CA
Easy walk from concord bart.

$5 dollar entry for all games
Marvel will be one dollar to increase participation.

Payout for Marvel is 100% of the pot.

It is unknown at this time what consoles will be used for what game but if I had to guess:

SF4: PS3, 360
Marvel: DC(depends what people want)?
BB: 360
HDR 360, PS3

Best 2/3 rounds and matches for all games.

Sign ups and casuals Will start at 5:30.
SF4 6:30
HD:R 8:30
MVC2 8:30
BlazBlue 6:30

No Game genie codes and stuff like that. You know the rules.

If you want to show up please post up. i need to have an idea of how many people would be attending so I can prepare. I shouldn’t have to say this, but please be respectful of the house. When you go inside, don’t yell and scream. Say hello and introduce yourself to whomever you see. Never go further than the bathroom when you go inside.

I live in the blue house with no grass on the right. When you get here don’t go to the front door just walk down the drive way.

Also I live on a major street so parking may be an issue. Please do not park in front of my immediate neighbours houses(especially not the gated house). THanks.

If you plan on smoking tell me first so I can get on that :slight_smile: jk but let me know, with so many people smoking randomly may not work out.

I’ll bring some extension cords and an SFIV PS3 setup. But mostly extension cords.

WORD??? How come?

I’ll make it bro. I got lucky winning the tourney last time, but I’m still here to defend that shit. Also to see you off if you actually do leave.

Good luck running IV as well.

You know I’ll be there.

Hell yea! I’ll be there for sure. For HDR :smiley:

Yeah, why might you leave?

I need my revenge :nunchuck: Anyone wanna help me practice hdr? I never touch it anymore or st :sad: Hit meh up cuzzin

Let’s DO THIS!

where is this is that?

Concord the 92fizzle.

I might be leaving for a number of reasons. My bro will be around but I doubt he’s gonna want to do these.

ok cool. i think i’ll be able to make this.

I’m in it for HDR/SF4/BB. The Bay Area BB scene is a bit lacking but I’m down to play anyone.

I’ll bring chairs and see what I can do about power strips.

Don’t forget those three pronged extension cords.

I’ll bring the beer for Jay. :lovin:

No seriously, I’ll bring chairs. Hope to you see you all there again! Thanks for hosting Aaron. We’ll do the deed this time =)

Stop lying about BB. You still haven’t played with me and it’s been 3 weeks. :wink:

Never trust a man that can wear a fedora in 2009.

^hooh hooh you’re good boss.

How’s sunday night for you? Alex has a session in the Sunset district of the city tomorrow, but I don’t know if you’re down to come through.

Wait, you get your ass to S. San Jose for Keystone… come through if you can!

This should be plenty of time for moses to come up!

Saturday I have conflicting shit going on. I’m down for some BB on Sunday though. My mic doesn’t work at all with my stick so it is fine. Just teach me how to play BB through silence.

Ill will prolly attend this for SFIV and HDR. I would prefer ST if it is added to the venue however.


I’m down to play ST, HDR, and BB.