Tournament in GodWeapon 1, 12-31-05

I have been given permission to run a tournament in GodWeapon 1 server on Saturday, Dec. 31st, 2005 @ 10pm EST. The game is to be determined by votes that are being tallied up right now through Weds, Dec. 28th. So please vote in SRK Forums, in WSOP chat late at night in the GodWeapon server, or in the main chat window at any time. If you happen to know my AIM, you can vote there too. There will be recorded videos of ALL matches for whichever game is played. Happy holidays, and start voting!


This tournament will be held AT 8pm SHARP! NOT 10pm!

Oh boy Oh boy, i’ll see you there!

I vote for Yiar Kung Fu.

pretty soldier sailor moon

and vampire savior

ST (filler)

An ST tourney is probably most appropriate. I don’t think there are enough VS players to really have a tourney. You or Chibi would win anyway, lol. I might luck my way through if I use Aulbath.

Pocket fighter!

SS5SP, even though it probably wont happen.

Not totally sure I will be around, but if so, Super Turbo is the only one I’d play.

Ok Gentleman, ST is going to be the game that is played this Saturday, Dec. 31st, 2005 @ 10:00pm EST! Get your friends together, hopefully this will turn out to be decent.

See you there…
GW1 10:00pm Sat Dec. 31st, 2005.


If I saw this earlier I would have voted for Samurai Shodown V.

No point in voting when the poll was about to end, for games that would have never won anyway. Man, I thought koF2k2 was leading and I had told alot of others to vote for it too. Why exactlyl does there have to be only one tournament? It isn’t that hard to organize, not on kaillera…

i’d love to play in an ST tournament, but 10pm on 31st december, don’t you guys have new year parties to go to. Also me being in the UK, i’m looking at 3-4am start, with work at 10am on 1st aswell.

fuck. you’re starting it too late for me. Can’t do it, I work at 11…

NEW YEARS MUTHAFUCKAS!!! NEW YEARS!!! you ‘pose to be doin’ somethin’ y’all like doin’ that time of night…Preferably Fuckin’…I would like to join this, but I might be still at work…:shake:

Ok if starting it at 8pm would be better…then…that’s what it will be! 12-31-2005 @ 8pm EST!

I’d like to enter this. Which emulator are you running?


MAME32k 0.64, what else?

ST a go go! How will the bracktes be run? The day before, you should have the pairings up so everyone can see who they’re gonna go up against, or will it just be random from the start of the tourney?

I’ll try to be there. Make sure you get Solo Marine too (haha).