Tournament in GodWeapon 1, 12-31-05

I don’t know where else to ask this…

I use MAME32k 0.64 and Kaillera and I just get into the Godweapon server. I can get into the Anti3d and play some games in there but whenever i try to get into the Godweapon server I get a message box saying “Connected: Logging in…” and nothing happens afterwords.

I’d appreciate any help, thanks.

If you’re talking about last night, GodWeapon was down.
Make sure you’re connecting to the right one. There’s 2 different GodWeapon servers.

Yeah Server is GodWeapon 1
Emulator is MAME32kv0.64
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (World 940223)
12-31-05 @ 8pm SHARP!
Brackets will just be randomly done, and there will be match vids recorded.

Hey guys im really new to this kaillera thing and I was curious how to find the Godweapon server(s). I’ve only logged on once and I couldnt find it on the server lists. It could have been offline so I’ll check later, but could it also show up as Unknown? If it were showing up unknown, is there any way to directly connect to it? thanks.

It wouldn’t be called GodWeapon if it showed up as unknown, lol.
Try loading the list again or use the list from

The IP is

Single or Double elimination?

Double BABY!

Is there ANY way to change the time/date of this tourney? Like no chance I could make it on new years eve-ning, and I’m pretty sure I speak for a few more ppl than just myself. If not its ok, theres plenty of time for another sometime.

Yeah I am flexible as far as that is concerned…If people really don’t want it on Saturday, then SPEAK UP NOW!

Haha, I was thinking we should all handicap ourselfs. Like 5 minutes after New Year’s hits, I figure we’ll be all wasted as fuck, and half of us won’t even remember how to run mame, and the other half will mashing all over the place. This can be the best gimmick tournament ever!

Hey bro, I will see what I can do to try and play this tournament but I can’t be certain to play unless it’s it’s like this Sunday or Monday or something. I don’t know if these are necessarily the perfect days/nights to have it but you asked us to speak so here I am.

But yeah, as you noticed I’m not online playing much. I just manage to keep myself very busy is all. Sunday night might be ok though since the celebration is over. You’re kind of holding it right now to take place during the celebration and honestly I don’t think you can compete. :rofl: The holiday will likely win out.

— edit—

Sorry but a friend reminded me of my previous agreement to attend his New Year’s party at his house which starts even before the tournament. Count me out, unless there is a date switch. Maybe next time if there is a next time. Also wishing good luck to the host WSOP. I guess now I’m sort of rooting for him to win.

Well, I hope some people come out to play in this. It should be funny! One thing that I am hoping comes out of this, is some vids to be hosted so people can watch and see how kaillera runs…Maybe we can get better competition to come out and realize that online ST is actually pretty good. So, the vids will be shit if noone plays!

8PM what? Count me in (even with no converter).

I have not received very many responses to this tournament. Maybe bad timing, not sure. If 8 people don’t respond either via this thread, or in the GW server and confirm an entry, I may cancel this.

The tournament as of 7:00pm EST has been cancelled due to lack of interest. If people have another date in mind, I will attempt to do this again. Thank you to those who showed some interest, sorry not enough people wanted this to happen.

7pm, WTF? I get the baby ready for bed and clear an hour with the wife and it’s cancelled an hour beforehand. I swear Kaillera tournaments never work. There’s gotta be a better way to organize… No, wait we tried that using a ladder and people bitched about that too. So done with you kids.

Honestly, it wasn’t really the best day for it, lol.
New Year’s Eve? People are out.

Try the 1st, since it’s a Sunday, and most Sundays are lazy.

Players, I am available anytime to run this…Just post up a date, and I will see which one is the most popular!