Tournament In St. Louis

I live in the St. Louis area and am looking for some tournaments to get into or some people to have tournaments with. Whats up St. Louis??

there are no tournaments here in st. louis, your best bet is to play with people from there houses or your house, doesn’t matter

Okay so, I’m from North County. Does anyone go to the new arcade at the Mills Mall? It seems to have all the top 2d games and they are all in good working order. This would be a good place to gather to play, and I see your from St. Charles so its not far for you either. It would be cool to get a big group of players up there at once. Or, let me know about when and where you might be playing cause I have no one to play against. Thanks

what are you playing

I play MVC, MVC2, King of FIghters XI, SFA3, CVS2. I play pretty much all 2d fighting games.

i would go to that mall but I don’t play sticks, I prefer pad, and no I’m not a scrub either, I’m only off on sundays, so here’s my # 314-489-2365, give me a call if you wanna play

ill play you. how’s sunday sound?

or post when u are free.

hey mister, you play a lot of games.

Hey what happened to the nigga rex invitational (aka Show-Me Championships)?

Went up in smoke a while ago.

Wait, there’s an arcade in St. Louis with fighting games? What games specifically?

ya i was about to ask the same thing.

whats the comp like?

There is an arcade at the Mills Mall. It is not in the city of St. Louis but it is in the county. The games they have are Marvel vs Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2, SVC Chaos, King of Fighters XI, Tekken4,5, and I can’t remember what else. They have a few other random shooting and driving games but those are the fighting ones I can remember. What sucks is, they don’t have any Street Fighter that I remember. But I enjoy both Marvels and KOF. I dont know if I am gonna go to out of town this weekend or not due to the snow which is pilin up now, but i will let you know about Sunday cause that would be a good day to go play. Oh and yeah, I likje to play a games, but I am not a pro in any of them.

they also have cvs 1
there is no comp

WTF did the Northwest Plaza tilt move itself to the Mills?


Is there anything else in (or around) STL?

Mid Rivers Mall has MVC2, MVC, Tekken DR, SVC, Soul Calibur 2, Soul Calibur 3, South County Mall used to but haven’t checked it was crappy then bet it’s crappy now if it’s still there, There’s a Casino in St. Charles w/ Tekken DR, Brunswick bowling in St. Peters has no fighting, was going to check Chuck E Cheeses but doubt it, 1and Dave and Busters in Earth City has no fighting games. Ask the Game Trader in St. Charles nicely and he might throw in a cool Neo Geo game. Slackers in St. Charles has Street Fighter 2 last time I checked. Other then that dunno what to say. STL arcade is hard to come by.

It’s sad when I get more arcade action on the MVS machine in the basement then anywhere in STL.