Tournament Jitters


Can’t shake em. I keep thinking the more tournaments I go to, the more relaxed I’ll be, but it just never happens. Im 100% fine during casuals but as soon as Im fighting through the brackets or on stream my heart races, I start missing links and can’t think straight

Anyone got any advice? I want to get better, but this seems like one thing I’ll just never get used to


When the going gets tough, your nerves are going to flare up, there is no stopping it for almost anyone. People that can keep a cool head even at these times are definitely the best of the best players. But for all other times, I think it helps to remember that you are trying to have fun rather than trying to win.

Take a deep breath. Put a smile on. Just do your best. I think that will naturally calm any one down and allow them to do their best.


Go to more tournaments until you get used to playing under pressure.


Word…costs a lot to go to tournies just to strike out cuz your concentration blows. Either quit and save that cash for important things (housing, education), or get over it.




Weed helps me out


Everything this man has said is true.

The best thing you can do to calm yourself down is through breathing techniques. Experience helps, but even the most experienced person will go through some nervousness before performing (the ones who don’t are rarities or just don’t care enough).


Drink a 40




I don’t feel jitters. My first tournament, I had a bit so much I had my friend giggling beside me at how twitchy my fingers were to press buttons :rofl:
I just sit there focus on the screen and think “You got this.” It works for me, oh and having a really positive attitude generally makes the jitters go because lack of confidence is what makes you jittery in the first place.


When I went to the last Guard Crush tournament, and I knew that I was playing on the streamed TV, I would always tell myself to really be concentrated on the match. It was my second tournament, so I was definitely not used to tournament pressure at all yet. As I played my match, I noticed that the crowd was being really supportive of me. That did get me a bit nervous, but at the same time, it made me feel more relaxed. Whenever you’re playing anyone in front of a huge group of people, I recommend just maintaining your focus on the match, and enjoy it. Don’t let the distractions get to you, because it will mess up your performance.


best advice so far.


I say do both!

how many tournaments have you been to?


I am playing more, playing harder, reading more, and learning from my mistakes more than I’d say anyone else who has started playing fighting games as quickly as I have. That said, I have really awful anxiety, panic attacks, and nervousness. I have ~93% trial completion, but I can’t play against people for shit. I just can’t fucking do it. I am never going to be able to do so. OP, I hope you’re not as bad as I am. Because I can’t handle the stress and I’m about to give up. I just fucking HATE the way my body feels when I’m playing against someone, it’s like a fucking nightmare. One of the most fun things I can do turns into the most physically unpleasant feeling I can imagine.


yeah like one guy here said, you have to learn to play under pressure. if you can’t do that though, one GREAT way to combat tournament jitters is to have excellent training. that way, even if you do get the jitters, you’re scared but not hesitant


it’s natural… Because you’re subconsciously worried about losing. “Oh no if I lose this I’m out and I won’t get the fame and fortune!”

I think if I went to a tourney with the “I’m going to win this” determination in mind and begin losing, i’d start having the “oh no” thoughts.

What if you played with an arrogant attitude, like “You can’t beat me. I’ll read you like a book.”… In casuals there’s no pressure because it’s so lax. What if you can take a tournament atmosphere and mentally change it into a casual atmosphere… you’d be playing with a chill mind.


Try not! Do…or do not. There is no “try”.


I tried to remember everything you guys said today while I was at GU. I definitely felt more relaxed and I didn’t miss nearly as many punishes / links. I choked a few times but def not as much as before

counting today, I’ve only been to 4 tournaments, and I’m trying to make it to Guard Crush on the 24th. Navy work schedule sucks but I’m trying my hardest to get into the scene as much as I can before I hit the Fleet.

Btw, I got bodied on the stream today, but it was only because the guy was way out of my league, not because of jitters. So there is some progress I suppose. Thanks again guys


when i engage into contest, i take that contest seriously. since i am a serious competitor, i tend to feel nervous, anxious, or even an adrenaline rush. i still perform well… but sometimes anxiety or adrenaline will get the best of me.

i think that… no matter how many times, or how long you compete in events… these emotions are still there. it seems to me that experience is the ultimate teacher.

that being said… you need experience. keep playing in these tourny’s. u will still feel the same emotions, but will act differently than you used to (over time). emotions are always a factor, but being able to keep a cool head through these feelings, will help you to grow.

btw… i smoke weed. but i dont smoke weed before i play in a tourny or at a local event. this will not help you play better at events and is not good advice.


I always play sicker when I’m high. Getting high is like SF steroids.

To be serious, being nervous when you’ve only played in 4 tournaments isn’t something to really fret about. I asked because there is a trend among a lot of players these days to only attend big tournaments, and not local weekly/monthly tournaments. That is setting yourself up for failure imo. I don’t know how feasible it is attending more tournaments while in the military, but if possible, hit up all the tournaments you can.