Tournament Legacy is now hosting events every Wednesday

I’m posting this on behalf of Tournament Legacy:

"Tournament Legacy, the same people who brought you So Cal Regionals, also provide you with weekly gaming events every Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 17, 7pm - 1am - Come hang out with the local and pro gamers for our event designed to help you be ready for your next big tournament. Come out to this large venue to network, socialize and challenge other players face to face. We’ve got the stations set up - bring your own stick or rent one of ours. Prize giveaways!

Hollywood Park Casino
2nd Floor, Ballroom Pavillion
3883 W. Century Boulevard, Los Angeles

Free parking
$5 per person entry fee

For more information, visit us at Video Game Events - Home or email us at"

What he said nikka!!!

is this wednesday night fights?

im confused

Damn I played hellllllllla games at this tonight.
More people should come after the thanksgiving break yo

Didn’t the people that are in charge of Tournament Legacy use to have a different name?

yeah, activegamers

This is practically WNF, it just doesnt have the same name anymore since level up took a break. Same place, same people, same setups (for SSF4 atleast. there was no tekken or BB. one TvC setup). The only noticeable differences are the brackets and the stream.

Whoo! That was my TvC setup!

I’m not sure if people know, but if you have consoles or would to play different games, feel free to bring your setups and bring them to Wed. Night (whatever the new name is). Just make sure to let them know. For the most part, they don’t mind sparing a few monitors for other gaming.

I’ll try and come out next time, I’ll bring my laptop w/ 3s if anyone would be interested.

Is it going down this week?

I didn’t see an email from Tournament Legacy come through this week. There likely wouldn’t be as many people as normal if they are having it because of the Holiday though.

It’s official now. No Wednesday Night Fights (Casuals) this week. Next week might be at the Proud Bird (where SCR was held) instead of Hollywood Park.

Can you confirm? Proud bird or HPC today? Thanks!

No WNF this week according to Tournament Legacy’s facebook.

I think a lot of people are too busy with work or finals right now so not many people would show up anyway. I’m sure people will be back in force in January though right before West Coast Warzone.

Alright! Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.