Tournament level play on pad?

who do you know that plays marvel tourney level on pad? oh yea, and does well? do they play with their thumb or do they use their index and middle finger? if they do the latter, how do they tap their assist buttons?

I used to play on a pad before i got my stick and i would use my index fingers and pinky fingers to call out assists…

If they play with index/middle finger style on pad, their right ring finger is used to tap the A2 button.

I still use pad and haven’t gotten around to stick yet (cause it’s jest awkward for me and never got used to it). The main 2 reasons why no one plays on pad tourney-wise is for more control ov your char. on stick and to have an easier time ov mashing out ov stuff (Grav/Tempest).

i have an easier time executing buttons techniques on stick. i can’t ROM 100% on pad yet.

I used to try to play a lot of this game on a pad… It’s freakin hard to execute double button inputs, making things as basic as fastfly or even AHVB really hard.

The stick dramatically makes things easier, especially in Marvel.

i play pad pretty decently:

i can rom with mag 100%/, fast fly/unfly combos with sent/IM, and reflys every now and then(NOT CONSISTANTLY THOUGH), etc…
fastflys and ahvbs arent that hard!!

i was wondering if its even possible to mash out of mags(grav/tempest)?? seeing as how on stick u had to mash all the buttons and the stick, would it mean that u had to mash all the buttons(including assists) AND shake the analog to get out’???

its not really in the buttons… its more in the stick… i remember being at chinatown fair and Liston gave me a lil schoolin on mashin…

when he was showin me how to mash he didnt even press the assist… he just wiggled the stick and passed over the punch button 3 times … its funny though i can get free on pad easily but not on stick :shake:

Yeh, I’m realizing that pad isn’t impossible. For example, ahvbs, sj cancels off of certain moves, B&B combos aren’t a problem. When it comes to doing the Yipes kinda stuff with Mag/Storm tho, the game tends to go crazy with the inputs at moments. This always seems to happen around my 3rd or 4th sj. ad…It’s like, I KNOW what to do, but at the precise moment when I need to sj. ad df to complete a specific mix-up rep, the game will only notice the pressure I placed on one of my P buttons.

Illan, do you use the default DC pad?

ok wait so how do u get free on pad??? how exactly? lol u wiggle the stick and mash wat button/buttons??? :lol:

yes i use the default DC pad the one with four buttons and the two back ones being the L/R buttons… i dont use the six button ones cuz i love the challenge tht the four buttons with two back assist L/R buttons pad provides. aside from that, the six button one has the buttons tooo close and have ps2 style buttons which i hate and make it harder to play on!! y do u ask?? oh and i can do most of that crazy yipes shit on pad also the mag/storm duo shit :woot: hahaa

iirc chris schmidt played on pad at evo2k4 and placed top 4 from what i heard., Tim from ohio is a pad tourney player, phat toi plays on pad. Theres alot of pad beasts out there, oh and btw you can mash out on pad, its really not too hard, just mash the fuck out of the buttons by sliding across the buttons and mash dpad with your palm and the stick with your fingers.

Needed to know this…I still suck…lmao…

the only problem I have on PAD is mashing out…otherwise I’ve been able to do stuff pretty consistantly before, and execute stuff that I can’t do as well on the sticks that are around now (the arcades with the controls I was best on are gone, and I suck on other controls)

i am at least 10 times better on pad than on stick, on stick i sometimes get a s.hp when i want to dash and that fucks up strategy so much, and sometimes my tri-jumps just don’t come out or i get a sj.hp instead of a tri jump

i can do all the sexy shit on a pad, Rom 100% of the time, 100% trij-jumps, fast flys etc. My magneto is so Beasty on pad cuz of the one buton dash. I can do everything except smart bombs and Lightning attacks, but i can usually do launch, air combo, la X ls with storm maybe 80% of the time. but i can only do her ground tri jump infinite on pad and i can do solo ironman infinite set up on pad 100% too

the only thing is, i learned on xbox where u can macro buttons and u will still have enough for everything, but on dreamcast, if u macro dash then u loose an assist and u don’t have one button fly.

i used my index fingers for assist and dash, and use my thumbs for everything else.

oh…see I don’t use 1-button dashes. but try pressing the one button dash+lk for lightning attacks.

yeah, there aren’t anymore controls that my execution is 100% how it used to be…not being able to dash consistantly on them fucks up A LOT

I use index for face buttons, ring for A2

Pad is not as big of a cripple as most people make it seem to be. I doubt it we’ll EVER see a DC pad port on the side of any Marvel arcade board in the arcades. :slight_smile:

its funny i was a fuckin pad warrior… i used to say shit like ill never beable to use a arcade stick… now pad feels like duhhheee!!

haha, obd… makes pad life easier… iirc u cant do a jab right after a obd?? or am i buggin… cause i remember there was certain things i couldnt do while obd’ing

i was wondering about that too!! :lol: i wish there was a DC pad port on the side of the arcade machines :wgrin: haha

wait so when i mash on dpad do i mash the analog stick with my thumb and mash buttons with my palm or is it the other way around??? or do i mash the litle pad thingy under the analog stick???

wats obd?? :lol:

one button destruction

hmm. then what about tournament level play on PPAD?

odb= one button Decimation?

^odb= old dirty bastard

Tourney play on PPAD? My money is on the PPAD…well, that depends on the programmer, too. :stuck_out_tongue: